Hidden WPF: Secrets for Creating Great Applications in Windows Presentation Foundation

Book description

Get tips and tricks to help you create great WPF applications, exploring possibilities that you’ve probably missed before now. Alessandro Del Sole shows you how to add value to your applications by leveraging both the development environment and the .NET runtime for WPF. The following chapters include tips for working with the user interface and the data-binding engine, improving an application’s performance, and so on. Put succinctly, the goal this book is to share tips and tricks that can help you solve problems you might encounter in a real-world development experience--things that no class can teach you.

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Introduction
    1. What Does This Book Cover?
    2. About the Author
  5. Chapter 1. Tips for Being Productive in the Visual Studio IDE
    1. Finding WPF Examples
    2. Using XAML Code Snippets
    3. Browsing the UI with the Document Outline Window
    4. Launching Expression Blend
  6. Chapter 2. Tips for Working with Data and Debugging Data-Binding
    1. Tools for Debugging
    2. Tips for Using the DataGrid Control
    3. Miscellaneous Tips
  7. Chapter 3. Tips for Working with the User Interface
    1. Creating a LinkLabel Control
    2. Using the Built-In Spell Checker
    3. Using the SelectionBrush and the CaretBrush
    4. Visual Basic: Initializing My.User
    5. Viewing HTML Files Locally with the Frame Control
    6. Visual Basic: Using XML Literals To Declare Controls
  8. Chapter 4. Tips for Windows Forms Interoperability
    1. When Do I Still Need Windows Forms?
    2. What Should I Do To Make It Better?
    3. In Practice: Interoperability with the FolderBrowseDialog Control
  9. Chapter 5. Tips for Working with XPS and PDF Documents
    1. Bindable Runs
    2. Printing UI Elements
    3. Generating XPS and PDF Documents with VSTO Assemblies
    4. Displaying PDF Documents
  10. Chapter 6. Tips for Improving UI Performance
    1. Installing the WPF Performance Suite
    2. One Step Further
  11. Chapter 7. Tips for Using XBAPs Inside Corporate Networks
    1. XBAPs: Why or Why Not?
    2. Hints for ClickOnce Deployment
    3. Solving 404 Errors
  12. Chapter 8. Tips for the Cloud: WPF on Windows Azure
    1. Why Use Windows Azure for WPF?
    2. Creating the Windows Azure Storage
    3. Publishing an App to Disk
    4. Uploading the Package to the Cloud
    5. Launching an Application from Windows Azure
  13. Chapter 9. Useful Free Tools for WPF
    1. Kaxaml
    2. Pistachio
    3. Shazzam
    4. Radical
    5. Snoop
    6. WPF Inspector
    7. JustDecompile
  14. Chapter 10. Productivity Tools and Controls
    1. Telerik RadControls for WPF
    2. Infragistics NetAdvantage for WPF
    3. FPS Components
    4. Mindscape WPF Elements
    5. WPF Controls from DevExpress
    6. ComponentOne Studio for WPF
    7. Xceed Business Suite for WPF

Product information

  • Title: Hidden WPF: Secrets for Creating Great Applications in Windows Presentation Foundation
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: February 2013
  • Publisher(s): Sams
  • ISBN: 9780133432473