Appendix A. Organizational Performance

In order to be successful in instituting performance in all aspects of your Android app, it helps to have your entire organization “buy in” to the importance of performance. Developers, testers, and your management all need to agree that ensuring fast performance is crucial for the app (and maybe your company’s success). Once the team is on board, you’ll need to develop processes to ensure that performance remains a metric that your development and apps are held to. Finally, we’ll review a number of the tools outlined in this book as a part of your performance process implementation.

Getting Buy-In (Management Focus on Performance)

When it comes to making app performance a part of your company’s culture, it is crucial that you gain the buy-in of your management. There is a lot of data out there on slow website performance, and the little data I have seen on mobile app performance follows the same trend. So, if you are having trouble convincing your management that app performance is essential to the lifeblood of your company, refer back to “Performance Matters to Your Users” and “Performance Infrastructure Savings” for the data points that might sway your leadership—and what company is not looking to lower costs or increase revenue? Perhaps a case study from the New York Times on how slow performance was a factor in sinking Friendster (a social media pioneer) might help.

Tying this information up with potential issues and proposed app optimizations ...

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