High Performance Control of AC Drives with Matlab / Simulink Models

Book description

A comprehensive guide to understanding AC machines with exhaustive simulation models to practice design and control

Nearly seventy percent of the electricity generated worldwide is used by electrical motors. Worldwide, huge research efforts are being made to develop commercially viable three- and multi-phase motor drive systems that are economically and technically feasible.

Focusing on the most popular AC machines used in industry - induction machine and permanent magnet synchronous machine - this book illustrates advanced control techniques and topologies in practice and recently deployed. Examples are drawn from important techniques including Vector Control, Direct Torque Control, Nonlinear Control, Predictive Control, multi-phase drives and multilevel inverters.

Key features include:

  • systematic coverage of the advanced concepts of AC motor drives with and without output filter;

  • discussion on the modelling, analysis and control of three- and multi-phase AC machine drives, including the recently developed multi-phase-phase drive system and double fed induction machine;

  • description of model predictive control applied to power converters and AC drives, illustrated together with their simulation models;

  • end-of-chapter questions, with answers and PowerPoint slides available on the companion website www.wiley.com/go/aburub_control

  • This book integrates a diverse range of topics into one useful volume, including most the latest developments. It provides an effective guideline for students and professionals on many vital electric drives aspects. It is an advanced textbook for final year undergraduate and graduate students, and researchers in power electronics, electric drives and motor control. It is also a handy tool for specialists and practicing engineers wanting to develop and verify their own algorithms and techniques.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover
    2. Dedication
    3. Title Page
    4. Copyright
    5. Acknowledgment
    6. Biographies
    7. Preface
    8. Chapter 1: Introduction to High Performance Drives
      1. 1.1 Preliminary Remarks
      2. 1.2 General Overview of High Performance Drives
      3. 1.3 Challenges and Requirements for Electric Drives for Industrial Applications
      4. 1.4 Organization of the Book
      5. References
    9. Chapter 2: Mathematical and Simulation Models of AC Machines
      1. 2.1 Preliminary Remarks
      2. 2.2 DC Motors
      3. 2.3 Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
      4. 2.4 Mathematical Model of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
      5. 2.5 Problems
      6. References
    10. Chapter 3: Pulse Width Modulation of Power Electronic DC-AC Converter
      1. 3.1 Preliminary Remarks
      2. 3.2 Classification of PWM Schemes for Voltage Source Inverters
      3. 3.3 Pulse Width Modulated Inverters
      4. 3.4 Three-phase PWM Voltage Source Inverter
      5. 3.5 Relationship between Carrier-based PWM and SVPWM 22
      6. 3.6 Multi-level Inverters
      7. 3.7 Impedance Source or Z-source Inverter
      8. 3.8 Quasi Impedance Source or qZSI Inverter
      9. 3.9 Dead Time Effect in a Multi-phase Inverter
      10. 3.10 Summary
      11. 3.11 Problems
      12. References
    11. Chapter 4: Field Oriented Control of AC Machines
      1. 4.1 Introduction
      2. 4.2 Induction Machines Control
      3. 4.3 Vector Control of Double Fed Induction Generator (DFIG)
      4. 4.4 Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine
      5. Exercises
      6. Additional Tasks
      7. Possible Tasks for DFIG
      8. Questions
      9. References
    12. Chapter 5: Direct Torque Control of AC Machines
      1. 5.1 Preliminary Remarks
      2. 5.2 Basic Concept and Principles of DTC
      3. 5.3 DTC of Induction Motor with Ideal Constant Machine Model
      4. 5.4 DTC of Induction Motor with Consideration of Iron Loss
      5. 5.5 DTC of Induction Motor with Consideration of both Iron Losses and Magnetic Saturation
      6. 5.6 Modified Direct Torque Control of Induction Machine with Constant Switching Frequency
      7. 5.7 Direct Torque Control of Sinusoidal Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (SPMSM)
      8. References
    13. Chapter 6: Non-Linear Control of Electrical Machines Using Non-Linear Feedback
      1. 6.1 Introduction
      2. 6.2 Dynamic System Linearization using Non-Linear Feedback
      3. 6.3 Non-Linear Control of Separately Excited DC Motors
      4. 6.4 Multiscalar model (MM) of Induction Motor
      5. 6.5 MM of Double Fed Induction Machine (DFIM)
      6. 6.6 Non-Linear Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine
      7. 6.7 Problems
      8. References
    14. Chapter 7: Five-Phase Induction Motor Drive System
      1. 7.1 Preliminary Remarks
      2. 7.2 Advantages and Applications of Multi-Phase Drives
      3. 7.3 Modeling and Simulation of a Five-Phase Induction Motor Drive
      4. 7.4 Indirect Rotor Field Oriented Control of Five-Phase Induction Motor
      5. 7.5 Field Oriented Control of Five-Phase Induction Motor with Current Control in the Synchronous Reference Frame
      6. 7.6 Model Predictive Control (MPC)
      7. 7.7 Summary
      8. References
    15. Chapter 8: Sensorless Speed Control of AC Machines
      1. 8.1 Preliminary Remarks
      2. 8.2 Sensorless Control of Induction Motor
      3. 8.3 Sensorless Control of PMSM
      4. 8.4 MRAS-based Sensorless Control of Five-phase Induction Motor Drive
      5. References
    16. Chapter 9: Selected Problems of Induction Motor Drives with Voltage Inverter and Inverter Output Filters
      1. 9.1 Drives and Filters – Overview
      2. 9.2 Three-phase to Two-phase Transformations
      3. 9.3 Voltage and Current Common Mode Component
      4. 9.4 Induction Motor Common Mode Circuit
      5. 9.5 Bearing Current Types and Reduction Methods
      6. 9.6 Inverter Output Filters
      7. 9.7 Estimation Problems in the Drive with Filters
      8. 9.8 Motor Control Problems in the Drive with Filters
      9. 9.9 Predictive Current Control in the Drive System with Output Filter
      10. 9.10 Problems
      11. 9.11 Questions
      12. References
    17. Index

    Product information

    • Title: High Performance Control of AC Drives with Matlab / Simulink Models
    • Author(s): Haitham Abu-Rub, Atif Iqbal, Jaroslaw Guzinski
    • Release date: April 2012
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9780470978290