7.3 Modeling and Simulation of a Five-Phase Induction Motor Drive

A five-phase drive system consists of a five-phase AC machine, a five-phase power converter, and a controller based on microcontroller/digital signal processors/field programmable gate arrays that are controlled using a PC. The following section describes the modeling procedure of these components. At first the model of a five-phase induction motor is presented, followed by the model development of a five-phase voltage source inverter. The simulation using Matlab/Simulink of motor and inverter is also discussed.

7.3.1 Five-Phase Induction Motor Model

The model of a five-phase induction motor described, is developed initially in phase variable form. In order to simplify the model by removing the time variation of inductance terms, a transformation is applied and a so-called d-q-x-y-0 model of the machine is constructed. It is assumed that the spatial distribution of all the magneto-motive forces (fields) in the machine is sinusoidal, since only torque production due to the 1st harmonic of the field is considered. However, in a five-phase machine with concentrated type of winding, the 3rd harmonic component of the current is also used together with the fundamental to enhance the torque production [5]. This special feature of a five-phase machine is not considered in this book. All the other standard assumptions of the general theory of electrical machines apply (Chapter). A more detailed discussion of the modeling ...

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