Chapter 6. OSCAR

Setting up a cluster can involve the installation and configuration of a lot of software as well as reconfiguration of the system and previously installed software. OSCAR (Open Source Cluster Application Resources) is a software package that is designed to simplify cluster installation. A collection of open source cluster software, OSCAR includes everything that you are likely to need for a dedicated, high-performance cluster. OSCAR takes you completely through the installation of your cluster. If you download, install, and run OSCAR, you will have a completely functioning cluster when you are done.

This chapter begins with an overview of why you might use OSCAR, followed by a description of what is included in OSCAR. Next, the discussion turns to the installation and configuration of OSCAR. This includes a description of how to customize OSCAR and the changes OSCAR makes to your system. Finally, there are three brief sections, one on cluster security, one on switcher, and another on using OSCAR with LAM/MPI.

Because OSCAR is an extensive collection of software, it is beyond the scope of this book to cover every package in detail. Most of the software in OSCAR is available as standalone versions, and many of the key packages included by OSCAR are described in later chapters in this book. Consequently, this chapter focuses on setting up OSCAR and on software unique to OSCAR. By the time you have finished this chapter, you should be able to judge whether OSCAR is ...

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