Chapter 1

What Every Investor Should Know

In This Chapter

arrow Listing your investment options and strategies

arrow Identifying investment risks

arrow Understanding the key role of investment brokers

arrow Exploring indexes and exchanges

If you're inclined to invest in the markets or engage in trading, you should be familiar with a few fundamentals, such as the different types of investments and investment strategies, what the risks are, who brokers are and what they do, and the indexes and exchanges you'll trade on.

Taking a Glance at Investment Options and Strategies

As an investor, you have a variety of options and strategies to choose from. The best choice for you depends on your financial goals, your investment preferences, and your tolerance for risk. Some tactics are suitable for all investors; others are geared more toward the experienced investor.

Surveying traditional investment vehicles

The investment vehicles mentioned in this section are those that, by and large, any investor — big or small, novice or experienced — can take advantage of. You may have some of these in your portfolio already. ...

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