Chapter 1

Introducing Emerging Market Investing

In This Chapter

arrow Explaining different market categories

arrow Understanding and handling the risks of emerging market investing

arrow Identifying emerging markets with investment potential

Investors are always looking for the Next Big Thing, and the Next Big Thing is happening right now in places of the world that you may have overlooked. People are developing new ideas and reaching new markets far from where you live. Emerging markets have great growth potential, and many of them are developing amazing new technologies, partly because they're not tied to existing infrastructure. If you have no phone lines, going wireless makes more sense than building land lines first. If you have no electric power plants, why not go straight to solar?

This chapter starts your tour of emerging markets and the key issues facing them. You don't need a passport, only a desire to discover more about the economic opportunities in the world today.

Defining Emerging Markets

Developing markets fall into three categories:

  • Emerging markets: Countries that have growing economies and a growing middle class
  • Frontier markets: Nations that are very small, are at an early stage ...

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