Real Traders, Real Time

In this chapter, you will learn from real-time trade examples from a variety of traders who apply the High Probability Trading Strategies you have learned in this book. The strategies are applied to a variety of markets and time frames by traders who use a logical decision making process to manage each trade from entry to exit.

I have taught the high probability trading strategies you have learned in this book for years to traders all over the world. I asked some of my students and Dynamic Trader software owners if they would like to submit their own trade examples for a chapter of this book. I've included examples from several students from around the world who trade a wide variety of markets and time frames.

Some of the examples submitted included detailed commentary about the trade from entry to exit. Others were just chart screen captures with comments right on the chart. For some examples, I've included the comments just as submitted by the trader. For those examples that only included brief comments on their charts, I've expanded on the comments with the trade description. In every case, I've recaptured each chart with chart notes to make as clear as possible the market position and trade decisions made by each trader.

While each trader does not have the same trade plan, there is a consistency in approach to recognizing a high probability setup to managing the trade. You will also learn that a trade management plan may be changed as a trade ...

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