As illustrated by the long list of contributing coauthors, this book is the product of more than a decade of high-speed signal-integrity design experience on the part of many engineers at Rambus Inc. All the former, and current, Rambus SI engineers have contributed directly (or indirectly) to this book through their publications at Rambus. In addition to those listed as coauthors, these contributors include Dr. Wendem Beyene, Mr. Newton Cheng, Mr. Ben Chia, Ms. June Feng, Dr. Ching-Chao Huang, Dr. Cathy Huang, Dr. Woopoung Kim, Mr. Qi Lin, Mr. Frank Lambrecht, Dr. H.J. Liaw, Dr. Chris Madden, Dr. Xioning Qi, Mr. Ali Sarfaraz, and Ms. Ling Yang. As you can see from the contents of this book, the techniques discussed here go beyond ...

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