11Latin Lesson

Following Brian's last-minute instructions, Sam entered Marcus's office without any expectations, but he did bring two egg-and-cheese biscuits and coffees.

“Hi, I'm Marcus Chase.” Marcus extended his hand. “You must be Sam. Coach Knight told me a lot about you.”

“Nice to meet you, Coach. I hope what he said was positive. He said good things about you … like you're his greatest student.”

“Sweet,” laughed Marcus. “Could be … Coach has been teaching me for a long time. He's got a lesson wrapped in a story for every occasion.”

“I know what you mean,” Sam said, raising the bag and coffees. “I wouldn't have brought these without his lesson on breaking bread.”

“Hmmm, let's sit and test out that lesson.”

As they sat, Sam looked around the room. “You a football fan?” asked Marcus.

“Not really. I played when I was little, but there was pressure on me to succeed. That pushed me away from sports. Since my dad was a computer guy, he got me interested in coding. I thank him for my company. What about you? Are you a fan of computers?”

“Umm, well … I use one,” said Marcus, pointing to his computer.

Sam felt the conversation going dry.

“I appreciate your time today.” Sam reached for small talk. “Brian said you're extremely busy … but he was persistent that we meet up – sorry if it's a hassle.”

“Yeah, I'm busy but … to be honest,” said Marcus. “I'm helping you because you're helping him.”


“By giving him something to do again,” replied Marcus. “Ever since his wife's passing, ...

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