84 Highly Available WebSphere Business Integration Solutions
The scripts also reference scripts from WebSphere MQ SupportPac, MC63:
WebSphere MQ for AIX - Implementing with HACMP for starting, stopping, and
monitoring the queue manager.
5.5 System setup
This section details the hardware and software setup for the sample
implementation. Note that there is no redundant power supply, however, as a
high availability designer you should consider this option for meeting more
stringent service level agreements.
5.5.1 Hardware
򐂰 Primary and failover node: IBM pSeries 630, Model 7028 E64, 1xPowerPC
(1.2GHz), 16 GB RAM each
򐂰 Shared disk system providing the application volume groups: FastT200 disk
system with 10 disks, with five logical disk volumes at 32 GB each.
򐂰 Fast fibre connection between the nodes and the shared disk system
򐂰 Three NIC cards connecting to the public ethernet. On node 1 with one
resource group, they are configured as one service and two standby; on node
2 they are configured for two services and one stand by
򐂰 Serial network adapter RS232 providing the cluster heartbeat
5.5.2 Software
Below is a listing of the software required for implementing this high availability
򐂰 AIX 5.2, Maintenance Level 2
򐂰 HACMP 5.1, current APAR applied
򐂰 RSCT 2.3.0
򐂰 InterChange Server, with a HotFix for the ORB that makes it
persistent, this fix will be available with InterChange Server version
JDBC Type 2 drivers for DB2 Version 8.1
򐂰 IBM JDK Version 1.3.1 SR5(AIX)
򐂰 WebSphere MQ Version 5.3, CSD05 patch for AIX
򐂰 WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker 5.0 CSD 3 for AIX
The WebSphere InterChange Server Fix Pack is available as of June 18, 2004.

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