Appendix A

Position Profile

Black and white image of five people (three men and two women). One man positioned on the left-hand side is holding a camera to his eyes. The four others (positioned one behind the other in the order women, men, women, men) are beside him. The name Internation Perry-Martel is placed on the right-hand side.

Executive Search Mandate

Chief Operating Officer

Confidential Search

An established and very profitable manufacturing company with over 200 employees in three locations across North America is seeking an experienced business leader with an engineering or manufacturing background to lead its business, to leverage the company's unique IP and manufacturing capabilities, to extend its current product lines, and to develop profitable new additions to its current offerings.

The company today has several large customers in both the injection molding and capital goods manufacturing markets. The injection molding customers manufacture products utilized in industrial and consumer applications. The company enjoys long and successful relationships in this area and utilizes its patented processes to allow manufacturing of uniquely profitable, high quality components for these applications. The company also has a capital goods manufacturing business focused on manufacturing equipment for construction and capital equipment used in several industries. Some of the equipment is used in defense applications. The company's injection molding business is based primarily in Wisconsin and New York State, and its capital goods business is on the West Coast.

The company has a 35-year track record of profitable operations and has expanded and diversified through both acquisitions ...

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