Appendix 3Personal Note: In Combat with E.T.

In 1993, Malice was in the pre-dubbing stage with Elliot Tyson working the FX, BG’s, and Foley. Harold Becker 3 the director was best known for the well-regarded crime drama Sea of Love (1989). Malice was an equally effective suspense thriller, and our crew was eager to handle the myriad sound editing details for such a starkly realistic drama. Becker had to be in New York to begin shooting again with Al Pacino, as we understood it. Consequently much of the pre-dub sound mixing would be supervised by the film editor, David Bretherton. It is not out of the ordinary for film editors to function as a busy director’s avatar on the dub stage. Post-sound people are quite used to that political protocol: ...

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