Chapter 2

What You Need to Get Started

In This Chapter

arrow Assessing your home network’s capability to work with home automation

arrow Making sure your network is safe from intruders

arrow Understanding which items you’ll need to begin automating your home

Preparation is key to most things we do: There’s no getting around it, unless you’re one of those folks who just “wings it.”

Your girlfriend has just accepted your invitation to marriage. What do you think happens next? Now, there may be that infinitesimally small faction out there who did just “wing it,” finding the local parson and getting hitched right away. But for the most part, the newly minted fiancée (with the help of every other female she’s ever met) immediately sets about the tasks that any bride-to-be should: finding a dress, caterer, reception hall, baker, flowers, invitations, music, and on and on the list goes. By the time she’s ready to walk down the aisle, everything imaginable has been checked, double-checked, triple-checked, and checked once more for good measure. Your fiancée’s hard work may look like nothing more than a big hoopla at the time, but it will be the reason you have beautiful memories of that day 30 ...

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