Chapter 15

Ten Easy Ways to Begin Automating Your Home

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering how to quickly begin automating your life

arrow Starting automating with simple devices

arrow Finding ten easy-to-implement products

Up to this point, I’ve discussed the 411 on home automation in today’s technical environment, and I've covered the gamut from the simplest of devices to install and set up to the more labor-intensive ones (even some that require professional installation). What I now want to do is wade you gently into the smart home automation pool.

Some folks like to take things easy when venturing into something new or different, especially when it comes to technology. I have family who were hesitant about getting cellular phones, and when they bought their first one it was just the most basic of devices: phone calls only, thank you very much, with the Internet button avoided like the plague. Now, those same folks have the latest and greatest in smartphones, and are even finding themselves frequently using Facebook and downloading apps at a rapid-fire rate. Sometimes all it takes is getting your feet a little wet to make you want to dive headlong into the deep.

If that description sounds ...

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