Chapter 16

Ten Great Websites for Home Automation

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering the best sites on the web for home automation

arrow Finding out what each site offers

arrow Shopping for home automation products online

In this day of everything-is-connected-ness, most of us frequently hit the Internet when we want to learn more about a certain topic, find the best shopping bargains, get quick tips on performing a task, catch the latest news, find out how the latest movies fared with the critics, and so on. It’s no different with home automation, to be certain. The web is packed with information on home automation topics, covering anything from task how-to’s to buying the latest products at the best prices.

In this chapter, I introduce you to ten of my favorite home automation sites on the web. Some of them are great places to shop, others are chock-full of info for getting things done, and still others are a mix of these and more. I can attest to having become well acquainted with each of these sites, and they are the ten best that I’ve found as of this writing for covering the ever-broadening topic of home automation.

By the way, these sites are discussed in no particular order. I’m ...

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