Praise for Previous Editions of Home Buying For Dummies

“It is absolutely practical. They cover the basics in straightforward language and go into enough detail to make them the only books you’ll need.”

— Eric Antonow, President and CEO, Katabat Corporation

“As a first-time home buyer, I found this book to be a quick read and immensely helpful in knowing what to ask my agent, what to look for on walk-throughs, what to expect in terms of offers and counteroffers, as well as the entire timeline and process from open house to moving in. This book really is invaluable to anyone purchasing a home, even if you’re not a first-time home buyer.”

— Travis A. Wise, San Jose, CA

“Because I bought this book, I was able to carry on intelligent conversations with my agent and lender when I recently purchased a home. Even better, I felt prepared for those conversations and much more in control of the situation than I would have had I not read this book. Thanks to the authors for doing such a great job!”

— Jeff C. Benson, Lake Zurich, IL

“I never bought real estate in my life. I never shopped for a mortgage in my life. But after reading this book I am extremely well prepared when I call them and when they walk through the door to meet with me.”

— Ben Milano, Lindenhurst, NY

“If you are considering buying a home, don’t fail to read this excellent new book. The book is full of profitable ‘insider tips’ which most real estate writers either don’t know or are afraid to reveal. The advice is ...

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