Part II of this book shows you how to connect your home entertainment
systems to your computer. In Chapter 5, youll control your computer with
a remote control, enabling you to switch MP3s without getting off the
couch. In Chapter 6, youll do just the opposite—youll turn your computer
into the ultimate programmable remote control. In Chapters 7 and 8, youll
build your own personal video recorder (a device like a TiVo) using either
Windows or Linux. In Chapter 9, youll extend TiVo-like capabilities to
your FM radio, enabling you to pause, rewind, and fast-forward live radio
while still listening through your current radio. In Chapter 10, youll make
your MP3 collection accessible from the Web, so that you can listen to your
favorite digital music at work without investing in an iPod.
Part I: Home Entertainment
In this part
Chapter 5, Remotely Control Your
Chapter 6, Control Your Home
Chapter 7, Build a Windows-Based
Home Theater PC
Chapter 8, Build a Linux-Based
Home Theater PC
Chapter 9, Create Time-Shifted FM
Chapter 10, Access Your Entire Media
Collection Over the Internet
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