Part II: Home Entertainment
Wrapping Up
That’s all there is to it! You might find that expanding your collection is eas-
ier if the tool you use to rip your CD collection can read data from CDDB,
an online database with album and track data for just about every CD in the
world. You can then automatically save the files into folders in compliance
with the system you’ve defined for your library.
If you have a PC integrated with your home audio system, you might find
yourself using this application in place of your CD collection. I find this to
be especially nice when I have parties and dont want to play DJ. My guests
can have fun without mixing up all my CDs in their drunken stupor.
If you’ve never played with dynamic page creation tools like ASP, I hope
this simple project has given you a sense of how powerful they can be. I
also encourage you to add your own personal flair to the look and feel of
the pages.
For the sake of being concise, this project provides only essential function-
ality, but some very simple additions can make your new system a pleasure
to use.
You could add cover art to each album and modify the display func-
tions to insert the images in the page. You could even get fancy and use
screen-scraping techniques to automatically grab cover art from a web
site like Amazon.com or Buy.com.
One limitation of this project is that you can’t mix and match songs
from several artists or a specific subset of songs from one artist. For
example, you can’t create a playlist of your three favorite songs from
three different artists. This can be corrected in various ways. Perhaps
you could modify the single song function so that it appends to the
playlist rather than creating a new one each time. Or maybe you could
keep track of the songs you’re selecting using session variables.
Wouldn’t it also be nice to be able to upload MP3s from anywhere on
the Web to your collection? You could add a form that allows you to
browse your local filesystem and transfer selected files to the correct
location on your web server.
MP3 files generally contain a lot of meta-information in ID3 tags. You
could add functionality to parse that data and include it in the display
routines to provide richer information about the music you collect. You
could even create tools that allow you to modify or insert tags.
Wrapping Up
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