Home Networking Simplified: An Illustrated Home Networking Handbook for the Everyday User

Book description

An illustrated home networking handbook for the everyday user

Building a network doesn't have to be all work and no play—it can actually be fun! Home Networking Simplified is an illustrated home-networking book for everyone from Grandma Mary to your tech-savvy teenage neighbor.

Home Networking Simplified gives you the most basic need-to-know info and then teaches you how to get the most out of your home network:

  • Learn the basics of home networking, from connecting to the Internet to connecting your computers

  • Create a basic home network

  • Grow and update your network with confidence

  • Secure your home network and protect yourself from hackers and viruses

  • Go wireless to put your computers where you want them—not just where cables reach

  • Learn about the latest technologies, emerging trends, and coolest toys

  • Whether you’re a newbie, a geek, or someone in-between, Home Networking Simplified helps you harness the power of home networking.

    Debugged by The Geek Squad

    This book is part of the Networking Technology Series from Cisco Press®, the only authorized publisher for Cisco Systems®.

    Table of contents

    1. Copyright
      1. Dedication
    3. About the Authors
      1. About the Technical Editors
    4. Acknowledgments
    5. Icons Used in This Book
    6. Foreword
    7. Introduction
      1. Before You Begin
      2. We Can’t Cover Everything!
        1. Wireless Versus Wired
        2. Microsoft Windows
        3. Mostly Linksys
      3. Tips from the Geek Squad
      4. Happy Networking
    8. I. Networking Basics
      1. 1. What’s a Network?
        1. PC Hardware and Network Interface Cards
        2. Installing Devices in Computers
        3. Configuring New Devices in Microsoft Windows
      2. 2. Networking Fundamentals
        1. Bits and Bytes
        2. Network Media Types
          1. Twisted-Pair Cable
          2. Coaxial Cable
          3. Wireless Networks
          4. Comparing Media Types
          5. What Is an IP Address?
          6. Dynamically Allocated IP Addresses
          7. Domain Name Server (DNS)
      3. 3. Connecting to the Internet
        1. The Internet
          1. TCP/IP
          2. A Network of Networks
          3. What Are HTTP and HTML and What Do They Do?
        2. Internet Access Options
        3. Modems
        4. The Internet and Its Applications
        5. E-Mail
          1. E-Mail Tools
          2. What Is Up with the @ Sign?
          3. Sending E-Mails
          4. Receiving E-Mails
        6. How to Build It: Connecting to the Internet
        7. Decide on the Type of Modem
        8. Physically Install the Modem
          1. Internal Modem in a Desktop Computer
          2. Internal Modem in a Laptop Computer
          3. External Modem
        9. Configure Windows to “Talk To” the Modem
        10. Set Up a Dialup Connection to the Internet
        11. Set Up Access to E-Mail
      4. 4. From the Geek Squad Files
    9. II. Simple Home Networks
      1. 5. Creating a Basic Home Network
        1. Planning a Network
          1. Designing Your Network
          2. Building Your Network
        2. How to Build It: Connecting Two Computers
        3. Decide on the Type of NICs
          1. Physically Install the NIC
          2. Internal NIC in a Desktop Computer
          3. Internal PCMCIA NIC in a Laptop Computer
          4. External NIC for a Desktop or Laptop Computer
        4. Configure Windows to “Talk To” the NIC
        5. Build a Network Between the Two Computers
          1. Back-to-Back
          2. Using a Hub, Switch, or Router
        6. Set Up the Network in Windows
        7. Troubleshooting Tips: Building a Network
      2. 6. Sharing Network Resources
        1. File Sharing
        2. Printer Sharing
          1. Practicing Safe Share
          2. Sharing Guidelines
          3. Network Design Guidelines
        3. How to Build It: File and Printer Sharing
        4. Enable File and Printer Sharing
        5. Share a File Over the Network
        6. Map a Shared File Folder as a Disk Drive
        7. Share a Printer Over the Network
        8. Map a Shared Printer
        9. Add Security Precautions to File and Printer Sharing
      3. 7. High-Speed Internet Access
        1. Broadband Revolution
        2. Different Types of Broadband
          1. DSL
          2. Cable
          3. Satellite
          4. Wireless (Cellular)
        3. Accelerated Dialup
          1. Providers
        4. Need for Speed
        5. Selecting a Broadband Service
          1. Online Resources to Help You Choose a Broadband Provider
          2. Keep This Important Information
        6. How to Build It: Broadband Internet Access
        7. Decide on a Home Network Design
          1. One-Computer Network
          2. Two-Computer Network
          3. Multiple-Computer Network
          4. Wireless Network
          5. Router Comparison
        8. Set Up the Broadband Equipment
          1. Broadband Cable Connection
          2. Broadband DSL Connection
        9. Configure the Router for Broadband Service
        10. Configure the Router for the Home Network
        11. Check the Access to the Internet
      4. 8. From the Geek Squad Files
    10. III. Look Ma, No Wires
      1. 9. ABGs of Wireless
        1. Wireless LANs
        2. Standards Soup
          1. 802.11b
          2. 802.11a
          3. 802.11g
          4. Comparing the IEEE WLAN Standards
        3. Selecting the Right Wireless Standard for Your Network
          1. Compatibility
          2. Speed
          3. Cost
          4. Additional Considerations
        4. Recommendations
      2. 10. Going Wireless at Home
        1. Planning Your Wireless Network
          1. Wireless Network Topologies
          2. Sketching a Network Layout
          3. Making a Shopping List
        2. Turning Up the Network
          1. Select an SSID
          2. Select a Wireless Channel
        3. How to Build It: Going Wireless
        4. Install and Set Up a Wireless Router
        5. Install and Set Up Wireless NICs
        6. Configuring an Existing Built-In Wireless NIC
        7. Check Wireless Network Operation
      3. 11. Securing Your Wireless Network
        1. Why Should I Worry About Wireless Network Security?
        2. What Do I Do About It?
        3. Don’t Advertise Your Wireless Network
        4. Scramble Your Signal
          1. Introduction to Wireless Encryption
          2. Choosing an Encryption Key
        5. How to Build It: Securing Your Wireless Network
        6. Stop Advertising Your Wireless Network
        7. Enable Wireless Encryption
          1. Enabling WEP Encryption on the Wireless Router
          2. Enabling WEP Encryption Using the NIC’s Utility
          3. Enabling WEP Encryption Under Windows XP
          4. WPA Encryption Example
        8. Disable Ad-Hoc Networking
        9. Wireless Security Checklist
        10. Final Thoughts on Wireless Security
      4. 12. Wireless Away from Home
        1. What Is a Hotspot?
        2. How to Find a Hotspot
        3. Hotspot Options and Costs
        4. How to Build It: Using Wireless Hotspots
        5. Discover and Connect to a Hotspot
        6. Pass the Hotspot Membership Test
        7. What Not to Do When Using a Hotspot
      5. 13. From the Geek Squad Files
    11. IV. Security of Home Networks
      1. 14. Protecting Your Network from Intruders
        1. Introduction to Security Software
          1. Lines of Defense
          2. Security Software “Bundles”
        2. Firewalls
          1. How Firewalls Work
          2. What Firewalls Protect You From
        3. Hiding Your Network Addresses
        4. How to Build It: Protecting Your Network from Intruders
        5. Turning on a Firewall in the Router
        6. Installing a Personal Firewall on Each Computer
        7. Installing a Professional Personal Firewall Program
        8. Installing a Free Personal Firewall Program
        9. Enabling the Windows Firewall
        10. Keeping Windows Security Up to Date
        11. Where to Go for More Info
      2. 15. Viruses and Other Malicious Software
        1. What Is a Virus?
        2. Where Viruses Live
        3. Other Nasty Stuff
          1. Worms
          2. Trojan Horses
        4. Protecting Yourself Against Malicious Code
          1. Common Sense
          2. Antivirus Programs
          3. How Do Antivirus Programs Work?
          4. What Happens with New Viruses?
        5. How to Build It: Preventing Viruses and Other Malicious Software from Infecting Your Network
        6. Turn on Antivirus Protection at Your Service Provider
        7. Set up Antivirus Protection on Your Home Computers
        8. Make Sure Automatic Updating Is Working
        9. Perform an Initial Virus Scan
        10. Where to Go for More Info
      3. 16. Other Vulnerabilities (Spam, Cookies, Pop-Ups, Spyware, and Scams)
        1. Spam
          1. How Spam Works
          2. How to Block Spam
        2. Cookies
          1. How Cookies Work
          2. Bad Cookies
        3. Pop-Ups
          1. How Pop-Ups Work
          2. How to Get Rid of Pop-Ups
        4. Spyware/Adware
          1. How Spyware or Adware Works
          2. How to Get Rid of Spyware and Adware
        5. Additional Scams
          1. Phishing
          2. Urban Legends
        6. How to Build It: Preventing Network Vulnerabilities
        7. Turn on Spam Blocking at Your Service Provider
        8. Set Up Spam Blocking on Your Home Computers
        9. Avoid Phishing Scams
        10. Set Up Spyware and Adware Blocking on Your Home Computers
        11. Set Up Pop-Up Blocking on Home Computers
        12. Where to Go for More Info
      4. 17. Keeping Your Family Safe on the Internet
        1. What Are the Online Dangers?
          1. Pornography
          2. Predators
          3. Gambling
          4. Hacking
          5. Illegal Peer-to-Peer Sharing
        2. Protecting Your Family from Online Dangers
        3. How to Build It: Making the Internet Safe
        4. Decide Which Parental Controls Are Right for You
        5. Enable Parental Controls at Your ISP
        6. Enable Parental Controls Using Your Home Router
        7. Enable Parental Controls on Home Computers
          1. Security Bundle Parental Control Option
          2. NetNanny Option
          3. How to Track Internet Activity
        8. Where to Go for More Info
      5. 18. From the Geek Squad Files
        1. Security Checklist
          1. General
          2. File and Printer Sharing
          3. Firewalls
          4. Antivirus
          5. Spam
          6. Cookies, Adware, Pop-Ups, Phishing, and Other Threats
          7. Wireless Networks
          8. Wireless Hotspots
          9. Parental Controls
    12. V. Advanced Home Networks
      1. 19. Wireless Print Servers: The Cure for Joy
        1. How to Build It: Wireless Print Server
        2. Set Up the Wireless Print Server for Your Wireless Network
        3. Connect Printers to the Wireless Printer Server
        4. Install the Wireless Print Server Driver on Each Computer
        5. Print a Test Page
      2. 20. Video Surveillance
        1. How to Build It: Wireless Internet Video Cameras
        2. Set Up the Wireless Internet Video Camera for Your Wireless Network
        3. Configure the Video Camera Security
        4. Viewing Video from Within Your House
          1. Viewing Images with an Internet Browser
          2. Installing and Viewing Images with the Viewer Client
        5. Viewing Video over the Internet
        6. Problems with Viewing Video over the Internet
        7. Use the Video Camera as a Motion Detector
      3. 21. Internet Phone Service
        1. How IP Telephony Works
        2. Broadband Phone Services
          1. Broadband Phone Providers
          2. Virtual Phone Numbers
        3. Voice-Chat Services
        4. How to Build It: Internet Phone Service
        5. Setting Up a Broadband Phone Service
          1. Choosing an Internet Phone Adapter
          2. Setting Up the Internet Phone Adapter
        6. Setting Up a Voice-Chat Service (Using Skype)
      4. 22. Networked Entertainment Systems
        1. How to Build It: Networked Entertainment Systems
        2. Set Up the Wireless Media Adapter
        3. Connect the Home Entertainment Center to the Wireless Media Adapter
        4. Install the Adapter Utility Client on Your Home Computer
        5. Playing Music
        6. Viewing Photos
      5. 23. Online Gaming
        1. Gaming Servers
        2. Options for Online Gaming
        3. How to Build It: Online Video Gaming
        4. Set Up the Wireless Game Adapter
        5. Connect a Video Game Console to the Wireless Game Adapter
        6. Connect to an Online Game Provider
        7. Setting Up an Online Game Account
        8. Detailed Troubleshooting Steps for Online Gaming
      6. 24. From the Geek Squad Files
    13. A. Binary Number System—The Language of Computers
      1. Binary System (Converting Binary to Decimal)
      2. Hexadecimal System
      3. How to Tell Whether a Number Is Binary, Decimal, or Hexadecimal
    14. B. MAC Address Locking for Wireless Security
      1. How Do I Enable MAC Address Locking?
    15. C. Linksys Product List
      1. Linksys Wireless Router Products
      2. Linksys Wireless NIC Products
      3. Additional Linksys Products
    16. D. Future Stuff
    17. Glossary

    Product information

    • Title: Home Networking Simplified: An Illustrated Home Networking Handbook for the Everyday User
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: May 2005
    • Publisher(s): Cisco Press
    • ISBN: 9781587201363