Chapter 15Element 7: I Am ReadyThe Timing Is Right

It was music to Jacob's ears.

“You've called us at a good time. I'm really glad you reached out.”

“BAM!” Jacob wrote to John on Slack who was sitting in on the call, each of them in their respective offices, headsets on, leaning forward into the conversation. Nothing sounds better than a potential client telling you your timing for action is right.

“Let me talk to some folks around here, but we've been looking to start an initiative like this.”

We're reminded of the Country Strong hit “Timing Is Everything” by Natalie Hemby and Troy Jones:

When the stars line up

And you catch a good break

People think you're lucky

But you know it's grace.

It can happen so fast

Or a little bit late

Timing is everything

When engaging with would-be clients, bad timing is an insurmountable wall, but good timing can open the floodgates to quick action.

Says Jacob, who is the chief operating officer of PIE, “I've been amazed at how quickly an organization can move when it is motivated. Money materializes out of nowhere. Approvals turn around in hours. Contracts get signed in days.”

The reasons are often all over the map:

  • New direction from the CEO
  • A budget windfall
  • The addition (or departure) of a team member
  • The need to spend budget before the end of the year
  • A return from vacation
  • A stirring keynote speech


As quickly as projects can develop if the timing is right, when the timing is wrong, like a country song about whisky, lost ...

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