How Do I Do That In Lightroom Classic?, 2nd Edition

Book description

Scott Kelby, the world’s #1 best-selling Lightroom book author, is here with an entirely new concept in Lightroom books—one that’s designed from the ground up to get you straight to whatever it is you need to do in Lightroom Classic right now, get your answer fast, and get you back to editing your images.

Lightroom has become the photographer’s tool because it just has so much power and so much depth, but because it has so much power and depth, sometimes the things you need are…well…kinda hidden or not really obvious. There will be a lot of times when you need to get something done in Lightroom Classic, but you have no idea where Adobe hid that feature, or what the “secret handshake” is to do that thing you need now so you can get back to working on your images. That’s why this book was created: to get you to the technique, the shortcut, or exactly the right setting, right now.

How Do I Do That In Lightroom Classic? (2nd Edition) is a fully updated version of the bestselling first edition, and here’s how it works: When you need to know how to do a particular thing, you turn to the chapter where it would be found (Print, Slideshow, Organizing, Importing, Mobile, etc.), find the thing you need to do (it’s easy, each page covers just one single topic), and Scott tells you exactly how to do it just like he was sitting there beside you, using the same casual style as if he were telling a friend. That way, you get back to editing your images fast.

This isn’t a book of theory, full of confusing jargon and detailed multi-step concepts. This is a book on which button to click, which setting to use, and exactly how and when to use it, so you’re never “stuck” in Lightroom Classic again. This will be your “go to” book that sits within reach any time you’re working in Lightroom, and you are going to love having this type of help right at your fingertips.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. About Scott
  7. Table of Contents
  8. If You Skip This One Page, You’ll Regret It for . . .
  9. Same Thing Over Here. Regret (or Worse). Ack!
  10. Chapter 1 How to Get Your Images Into Lightroom The Importing Process
    1. Make Lightroom Open Automatically When I Insert a Memory Card?
    2. See My Thumbnails Appear the Fastest?
    3. Add My Copyright Info as I Import?
    4. Speed Things Up by Making a Preset?
    5. Apply Smart Previews? (And Why Should I?)
    6. Create a Backup Copy?
    7. Convert Images to B&W as They’re Imported?
    8. Make Images Easier to Find Later?
    9. See a Larger Preview of the Thumbnails?
    10. Know Where My Photos Are Being Copied To?
    11. Choose Just Certain Images to Be Imported?
    12. Import Photos Already on My Computer?
  11. Chapter 2 How to Organize Your Images Working in the Library Module
    1. Mark My Best Photos?
    2. Delete a Photo from a Collection?
    3. Zoom In to See My Images Closer?
    4. See What F-Stop I Shot My Photo At?
    5. Create an Album of My Best Photos?
    6. Organize a Large Shoot, Like a Wedding?
    7. Return to the Grid of Thumbnails?
    8. Search for Photos by Name or Date?
    9. Relink a Photo It Says Is Missing?
    10. Select Multiple Photos at Once?
    11. See All My Photos?
    12. See Just the Photos I Imported Last?
    13. Rename Photos?
    14. Rotate a Photo?
    15. Add Keywords to a Photo(s)?
    16. Compare Two Photos Side by Side?
    17. Find the Best Photo Out of Similar Photos?
    18. Add More Photos to a Collection?
    19. Find Just Photos of People?
    20. Remove a Photo from Lightroom?
    21. Organize Similar Collections?
    22. Group Similar Photos Together (Stacking)?
    23. Have Lightroom Automatically Sort My Photos Using Auto-Stack?
    24. Get Images from Lightroom on My Laptop to Lightroom on My Desktop?
    25. Create a Smart Collection?
    26. Name My Color Labels?
    27. Make a Collection a Target Collection?
    28. Delete Just My Rejected Photos?
    29. See My Image Large with Black around It (Lights Out Mode)?
    30. Use a Quick Collection (and What Are They For)?
    31. Search by Keywords?
    32. Delete All My Unused Keywords?
    33. Add a Copyright and Caption?
    34. See Where My Photo Was Taken?
    35. Add My Photo to a World Map?
    36. Create a New Lightroom Catalog?
    37. Speed Things Up If Things Get Slow?
    38. Make My Panels Larger?
    39. Create a Collection or a Collection Set from a Folder?
    40. Add Color Labels to My Folders?
    41. Move My Lightroom Photos to a Different Hard Drive?
    42. Know If I’m Using the Most Up-to-Date Version of Lightroom?
    43. Copy a Photo (or Photos) from One Collection to Another?
    44. Back Up My Lightroom Catalog?
  12. Chapter 3 How to Customize Lightroom How to Make It Work Like You Want It to Work
    1. Replace the Lightroom Logo with My Own Logo?
    2. Pick What Info Shows Up around My Thumbnails?
    3. Customize the Info I See over My Image in Loupe View?
    4. Customize What I See in the Filmstrip?
    5. Stop Scrolling through Panels So Much?
    6. Hide Modules I Don’t Use?
    7. Temporarily Hide All the Panels?
    8. See My Image Full Screen?
    9. Work with Two Monitors?
    10. Change the Color behind My Images?
    11. Stop the Side Panels from Popping In/Out?
    12. Make My Font Size Larger?
  13. Chapter 4 How to Edit Your Images Develop Module Stuff
    1. Make My Overall Photo Brighter or Darker (Exposure)?
    2. Deal with Clipped Highlights?
    3. Fix Flat-Looking Photos?
    4. Automatically Expand My Tonal Range?
    5. Bring Out Detail in My Photos?
    6. Get My Color (White Balance) Right?
    7. Set My White Balance Manually?
    8. Do Creative White Balance?
    9. Make My Image More Colorful?
    10. Increase Just One Color, Like Blue?
    11. Fix Backlit Photos?
    12. Crop to a Specific Size?
    13. Do a Freeform Crop (Not Proportional)?
    14. Straighten a Crooked Photo?
    15. Experiment with Different Looks by Using Virtual Copies?
    16. Do Basic Sharpening?
    17. Reduce Noise in My Photo?
    18. Remove That Bulging Look?
    19. Stop Buildings from Leaning?
    20. Fix Dark Areas in the Corners of My Image (Vignetting)?
    21. Make a Bunch of Images Look the Same?
    22. Adjust a Bunch of Images at the Same Time?
    23. Undo My Changes?
    24. Know Where to Start When Editing an Image?
    25. Reset My Sliders Really Fast?
    26. Get Rid of the Purple & Green Fringe Along Edges (Chromatic Aberrations)?
    27. Have Lightroom Fix My Image for Me?
    28. See a Side-by-Side Before and After?
    29. View an Image as a Reference, so I Can Try to Match Its Look?
    30. Make a Particular Profile a Favorite?
    31. Hide Profiles I Don’t Use?
    32. Remove Fog or Haze?
    33. Apply the Same Edits from One Photo to Another Photo with Just One Click?
    34. Automatically Match Exposure Across Multiple Photos?
  14. Chapter 5 How to Use the Brushes The Adjustment Brush, the Spot Removal Brush, and All That Stuff
    1. Lighten and Darken Specific Areas (Dodging & Burning)?
    2. Hide the Edit Pins from View?
    3. Reset All the Sliders to Zero or Set Default Slider Settings?
    4. Remove Spots and/or Specks?
    5. Fix Washed-Out Skies?
    6. Fix Red Eye (or Pet Eye) Problems?
    7. Save My Brush Settings as a Preset?
    8. Soften Skin?
    9. Erase Something If I Make a Mistake?
    10. Fix the Brush When It Isn’t Working?
    11. Know When to Clone Instead of Heal?
    12. Draw a Straight Line with the Brush?
    13. Keep from Painting Outside the Lines?
    14. Keep the Mask Overlay on While I’m Painting?
    15. Reduce the Amount of All My Brush Adjustments at Once?
    16. Duplicate an Edit Pin?
    17. Build Up As I Paint (Like an Airbrush) When Using the Adjustment Brush?
    18. Mask Away Stuff I Don’t Want Affected?
    19. Create a Tilt-Shift “Tiny Town” Effect?
    20. Move Brush Edits (and Why)?
    21. Brighten Eyes?
    22. Remove a Moiré Pattern?
    23. Paint White Balance?
    24. Add a Nice Finishing Touch to My Portraits?
  15. Chapter 6 How to Create Special Effects The Easy Way to Get Cool Looks Fast
    1. Make My Photo Black & White?
    2. Create a Duotone?
    3. Create a Spotlight Effect?
    4. Darken the Edges around My Image (Post-Crop Vignetting)?
    5. Make an HDR Image?
    6. Stitch Together a Pano?
    7. Create High-Contrast-Look Portraits?
    8. Use Preset Effects?
    9. Create My Own Presets?
    10. Get Presets I Downloaded from the Web into Lightroom?
    11. Disable the Onscreen Preset Preview Because It’s Slowing Things Down?
    12. Hide Groups of Presets I Don’t Use?
    13. Create “Looks” Using Creative Profiles?
    14. Create Wet Streets?
  16. Chapter 7 How to Save Your Images Using Lightroom’s Export
    1. Save My Image as a JPEG or TIFF?
    2. Save Again with the Same Settings?
    3. Make Saving Less Tedious?
    4. Resize My Image While Saving It?
    5. Sharpen My Image While Saving It?
    6. Limit How Much Info I Include in the Saved File?
    7. Add a Watermark to My Images?
    8. Automatically Open These Images in Another Program?
    9. Email a Photo from within Lightroom?
    10. Upload Directly to Flickr or Facebook?
    11. Make My Images Look Right on the Web?
    12. Share a RAW Image, but with My Edits Still in Place?
  17. Chapter 8 How to Make Photo Books Using Lightroom’s Built-In Book Module
    1. Get My Images Ready to Make a Book?
    2. Choose My Book’s Physical Size?
    3. Have Lightroom Lay Out My Book for Me?
    4. Change Which Image Goes Where?
    5. Customize the Auto Layout Feature?
    6. Create a Custom Page?
    7. Save My New Custom Page Layout?
    8. Make My Image Fill the Cell?
    9. Add Page Numbers?
    10. Use the Built-In Page Templates?
    11. Use a Photo as My Page Background?
    12. Use a Graphic as a Page Background?
    13. Change the Background Color?
    14. Add a Caption under My Picture?
    15. Change the Page Order in My Book?
    16. See an Overview of My Entire Book?
    17. Delete a Page or a Spread?
    18. Edit a Photo Already in My Book?
    19. Make One Photo Appear across Two Pages?
    20. Customize My Cover?
    21. Save This Book Layout to Use Again?
    22. Print My Book Someplace Else?
    23. Get a 20% Discount on My Book?
    24. Send My Book Off to Print?
  18. Chapter 9 How to Make Awesome Slide Shows Just Don’t Put Any Emphasis on the Word “Awesome”
    1. Start Building My Slide Show?
    2. Make My Own Custom Template?
    3. Add Music to My Slide Show?
    4. Sync My Slide Show to Music?
    5. Add Movement to My Slide Show?
    6. Choose How Long My Dissolve Transition Lasts?
    7. Save My Slide Show as a PDF or Video?
    8. Make My Slide Show Match the Length of My Background Music Track?
    9. Add a Title Screen (or Ending Screen)?
    10. Change My Background Color?
    11. Use a Photo as My Slide Background?
    12. Reposition or Resize My Image on the Slide?
    13. Add Text to a Slide?
    14. Add a Logo to My Slide Show?
    15. Add a Drop Shadow to My Slides?
    16. Play, Rewind, or Repeat My Slide Show?
    17. Save My Slide Show for Later?
    18. Make My Slide Show Run Faster or Smoother?
  19. Chapter 10 How to Print Working in the Print Module
    1. Choose My Paper Size?
    2. Make a Custom Paper Size?
    3. Change My Paper from Tall to Wide?
    4. Choose How Many Photos per Page?
    5. Repeat the Same Photo a Bunch of Times?
    6. Repeat the Same Photo at Different Sizes?
    7. Create My Own Layout?
    8. Save My New Custom Layout?
    9. Overlap Images?
    10. Change the Background Color?
    11. Add My Logo to a Print?
    12. Add Crop Marks?
    13. Add Captions under My Images?
    14. Save My Layout as a JPEG?
    15. Set Up to Print at a Photo Lab?
    16. Add Sharpening to My Print?
    17. Save My Layout So I Can Print It Again?
    18. Make My Prints as Bright as What I’m Seeing Onscreen?
    19. See a Proof before I Print?
    20. Change My Print Resolution?
    21. Change Lightroom’s Color Space?
    22. Add a Stroke around My Image?
    23. Tweak My Image before It Prints?
    24. Rotate a Picture on the Page?
  20. Chapter 11 How to Use Lightroom on Your Mobile Device It’s Lightroom on the Road
    1. Get Images into Lightroom for Mobile from Lightroom on My Computer?
    2. Import Images Already on My Phone or Tablet?
    3. View My Images?
    4. Change the Size of the Thumbnails in an Album?
    5. Create an Album from Scratch?
    6. Create a Collection Set?
    7. Hide Everything and Just See My Photo on a Black Background?
    8. Move an Image from One Album to Another?
    9. View My Images Sorted by the Time They Were Taken?
    10. See the Filmstrip along the Bottom?
    11. Reorder Images in an Album?
    12. Let Someone See Images on My Device without Them Messing Up Anything?
    13. Set the Cover Image for My Album?
    14. See Badges/Ratings on My Thumbnails?
    15. Give an Image a Pick Flag or Star Rating?
    16. Just See My Picks or 5-Star Images?
    17. Share an Album with People Online?
    18. Sort by Name or Date or Rating?
    19. See a Before/After of My Edits?
    20. Set My Image’s White Balance?
    21. Tweak How My Image Looks (Develop Module Stuff)?
    22. Crop or Rotate Images?
    23. Remove Spots or Other Distracting Stuff?
    24. Reset My Edits?
    25. See a Histogram (and Other Image Info)?
    26. Apply Presets for One-Tap Effects?
    27. Sync My Custom Presets (or Custom Profiles) Over to Lightroom Mobile?
    28. Copy & Paste Settings from One Image to Another?
    29. Add My Copyright Info or Keywords?
    30. Use the Built-In Camera?
    31. Switch on Professional Camera Mode?
    32. Get to More Advanced Camera Features?
  21. Chapter 12 Other Stuff You’ll Want to Know All That Other Stuff? It’s in This Chapter
    1. Fix Things When Lightroom Starts Acting Weird?
    2. Shoot Tethered into Lightroom?
    3. Troubleshoot Tethering?
    4. Manage My Third-Party Plug-Ins?
    5. Take an Image from Lightroom Over to Photoshop (and Back)?
    6. Work with a Layered Photoshop File?
    7. Choose My File Format for Jumping Over to Photoshop?
    8. Share a Collection Online?
    9. Find All My Virtual Copies?
    10. Find All My Images That Don’t Have My Copyright Added?
    11. Make My Color Look Consistent When I Go to Photoshop?
    12. Use a Gray Card to Set My White Balance?
    13. Get a Quick Preview of How My Image Would Look in Black & White?
    14. Swap between a Tall and Wide Crop?
    15. Convert an Image to DNG Format?
    16. Edit Video in Lightroom?

Product information

  • Title: How Do I Do That In Lightroom Classic?, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s): Scott Kelby
  • Release date: July 2018
  • Publisher(s): Rocky Nook
  • ISBN: 9781681984223