This questionnaire asks you to describe yourself as a manager and leader. For each item, assign the number 4 to the phrase that best describes you, 3 to the item that is next best, and on down to 1 for the item that is least like you. You can also take the assessment online at

  1. My strongest skills are
    1. _____ a. Analytical skills
    2. _____ b. Interpersonal skills
    3. _____ c. Political skills
    4. _____ d. Flair for drama
  2. The best way to describe me is
    1. _____ a. Technical expert
    2. _____ b. Good listener
    3. _____ c. Skilled negotiator
    4. _____ d. Inspirational leader
  3. What has helped me the most to be successful is my ability to ...

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