Chapter 1. Sales is Not a Dirty Word

"Daddy, I Want to be a Salesperson"

The odds are pretty good that you never said this as a kid. Most kids want to grow up to be policemen, firemen, professional athletes, singers, actors, lawyers, and doctors. Not too many kids grow up dreaming of being a superstar salesperson. I have never witnessed children playing car dealer-ship. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? How did that turn out for you? Many college graduates don't even wind up in the field that their degree is in. The good news is that the profession of sales can wind up being a lot better than your childhood dreams.

Most people back into sales as a career rather than choose it. Although that's not ideal, it's certainly okay, as that's the way that I and many others became salespeople. I call people like myself who have found themselves in sales careers reluctant salespeople. When you started your job, you probably weren't calling all of your friends and jumping up and down shouting that you had just gotten a position in sales.

Even though you picked up this book and maybe even bought it, there is a good possibility that you may not be that excited about sales at this moment. Not very many people are. Every year, polls and studies list sales as one of the least desired career paths. Very few colleges or technical schools have courses for selling. Most businesses don't offer formalized ongoing education for their salespeople.

The common frame of mind that ...

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