Chapter 3. Getting Your MBA—Massive Bank Account

The previous chapters laid down a lot of important ground work for your future sales success. You began the journey by truly embracing your sales career. You came to realize what mental roadblocks are currently denying you the level of success that you desire, and you figured out how to erase those roadblocks. Now you might be saying, "Great! Let's get to the magic sales skills that will give me all the sales success that I want." Not so fast— you have a lot more work to do before learning those skills can help you. I promised you a different kind of book on sales; one that would actually take you to superstar status. So let's do some more fundamental work first. In this chapter, I'll focus on success education.

When you read education did that make you cringe? I am not talking about attending a university (although there is nothing wrong with doing so). But formal education rarely equates to the type of knowledge you will need to succeed in sales. Unfortunately, I have seen many people with MBA degrees who couldn't function in the practical arena of business. Their accomplishments in academia did not translate to the real world. This is why we focus instead on real world sales education. To be a sales superstar, you must continually work on fundamentals. Let me give you a couple of good examples.

Every year during the first practice of the football season, legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi would say, "Gentleman, this ...

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