Nicholas Blechman

Introduction: The broad and social church of illustration

Chapter 1 Getting started

Interview/Creative director Guy Marshall

Interview/Illustrator Aude Van Ryn

Chapter 2 Preparing your portfolio

Interview/Art director Luke Hayman

Interview/Illustrator Bruce Ingman

Chapter 3 Job-hunting and interviews

Interview/Art director Simon Esterson

Interview/Illustrator Marc Boutavant

Chapter 4 Producing the first job

Interview/Illustrator Michael Gillette

Chapter 5 Billing it – financial tips

Interview/Illustrator Yuko Shimizu

Chapter 6 Promoting yourself

Interview/Art buyer Sarah Thomson

Interview/Illustrator Victo Ngai

Interview/Illustrator Marion Deuchars

Chapter 7 Studios

Interview/Illustrator Brett Ryder

Interview/Illustrator ...

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