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How to Become Filthy, Stinking Rich Through Network Marketing: Without Alienating Friends and Family

Book Description

A contemporary approach to network marketing—from the author of the million-copy bestseller, Your First Year in Network Marketing

This is a book about reality—an unpleasant reality that no one seems to want to address. A large number of the population was hit with substantial loss of income and savings during the recent economic meltdown. Many feel that they have no way to build back their savings in order to retire comfortably and securely. Many now believe that there just isn't enough time left to turn it around. How to Become Filthy, Stinking Rich Through Network Marketing is for those who refuse to accept this nonsense.

With such a confusing array of home business opportunities and so many millions caught in the financial meltdown, there has never been a more important time for due diligence and a proven path to follow. In How to Become Filthy, Stinking Rich Through Network Marketing you will learn how to:

  • Select the right networking company based on expert advice and solid criteria

  • Thrive as an entrepreneur

  • Deal with fear, rejection, inertia, and naysayers

  • Build professional habits that drive success

  • Lead, motivate, and serve your team

  • Recruit with rejection-free strategies

Learn how to develop an entrepreneurial spirit through network marketing in order to build dramatic prosperity today.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
  8. Part I: Why Network Marketing?
    1. Chapter 1: How a Growing Industry Can Make you Rich
    2. Chapter 2: Network Marketing for Boomers: Retirement Plan B
    3. Chapter 3: The Most Important Decision in Network Marketing: Choosing the Right Company
      1. Who’s Running the Show?
      2. Start-Up or Stable?
      3. Growing or Maturing?
      4. Is the Product Proven?
      5. What’s the Support System?
      6. What’s the Compensation Plan?
      7. Who Makes and Supplies the Product?
      8. What’s the Long-Term Outlook?
    4. Chapter 4: You Don’t Have to Alienate Friends and Family: Relationship Marketing and Family Matters
    5. Chapter 5: How Women Networkers Get Rich: A Venture with No Glass Ceiling
      1. Reasons Women Survive and Thrive in Networking
      2. Women Bring Natural Talents to Business
      3. The Top Concern of Women
      4. How Women Can Improve the Networking Industry
    6. Chapter 6: Money Isn’t the Only Adult Report Card: Enjoying the Spirit of Abundance That Network Marketing Allows
    7. Chapter 7: The Distribution Model of the Future: A Fortune 500 Executive’s Perspective
  9. Part II: Your Acceleration Toolkit—the First 90 Days: Why Some Don’t Make It, and How to Be One Who Does
    1. Chapter 8: Deal with Yourself: The Mentor in the Mirror
      1. The Four Foundational Cornerstones of your Business
      2. First Foundational Cornerstone: Your Locus of Control
      3. Second Foundational Cornerstone: Your Purpose and Vision
      4. Third Foundational Cornerstone: Your Honest Assessment of Current Reality
      5. Fourth Foundational Cornerstone: Your Belief
    2. Chapter 9: Practice the Professional Habits that Drive Success
      1. The Six Habits of Professionals
      2. Persevere Through Planting Seeds Every Day
    3. Chapter 10: Practical Ways to Grow a Highly Profitable Business
      1. Five Major Competencies
      2. Competency 1: How to Build a Tremendous Network
      3. Competency 2: How to Expose/Invite
      4. Competency 3: How to Present the Whole Story
      5. Competency 4: How to Follow-Up and Validate
      6. Competency 5: How to Support and Lead your Team
      7. A 90-Day Game Plan to Launch and Relaunch your Business
    4. Chapter 11: How to Recognize People and Circumstances that Can Poison your Potential
      1. Mapping the Toxic Bombs
    5. Chapter 12: Simple Tools for Dramatic Leadership
    6. Chapter 13: Servant Leadership: For Lasting Loyalty and Personal Satisfaction
      1. Background of Servant Leadership
      2. Characteristics of Servant Leadership
      3. How Servant Leadership Applies to your Business
  10. Part III: Your Marketing Toolkit—After the First 90 Days: Advanced Networking Strategies
    1. Chapter 14: The $100K Toolkit
      1. Tool 1: Unilateral Focus
      2. Tool 2: The Cross-Platform Exposure Implement
      3. Tool 3: Accessible Validation Master
      4. Tool 4: The Woy
      5. Tool 5: Insignificant Avoidance Strategy
      6. Tool 6: The Insurance Policy
    2. Chapter 15: The Ultimate Rejection-Free Recruiting Strategies
      1. Understanding Rejection
      2. The Rejection-Free Strategies
  12. About the Authors
  13. Index