Chapter 12


Mark Yarnell

In this chapter I explore those ideas that are most important to leaders as they pursue their dreams and goals. I’ll begin by stating a few assumptions:

  • You’re a member of a great company that offers an effective product or service.
  • You have a strong desire for financial and time-freedom.
  • The winds of change keep blowing harder, making it more difficult to lead effectively. Business as usual isn’t cutting it anymore.
  • You’re ready to consider new ideas, concepts, perceptions, and strategies for developing the fifth network marketing competency: being an effective leader.

If those assumptions sound true, then this chapter is for you. Once you learn the concepts covered here, you’ll be better equipped to recruit, lead, motivate, and serve your team. You’ll learn the secrets of successful networking leaders and how to equip your team to stay motivated. I’ll also alert you to the obstacles that frequently impede new independent business owners and weaken the resolve of those who’ve not yet developed key thinking skills and thought processes, or accessed tools to help them stay the course. You’ll discover how to help these newcomers; or, if you’re the one who’s lost your way, you’ll realize that it’s never too late to correct your course, and find out how to do that.

There are specific skills and perspectives that will help you lead more effectively—and they’re not difficult to learn. Leadership is a skill that every one ...

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