13After the Job Offer

For several days after I was offered the job, I was still in disbelief that it had actually happened. I couldn't believe that just one year ago I had no idea what data analytics was and was planning to go into occupational therapy, and here I was, overjoyed at accepting a role in tech. I felt lucky but also nervous that they would change their mind and take the job away! I had no idea what to expect when the job began. It would be my first time ever working remotely and I had a feeling I was going to love it, but I couldn't be sure yet!

Once you get a job, you'll probably want to jump in and start learning as fast as you can, as I did. Which is great! I also recommend you take some time to reflect on your journey and be proud of how far you have come. It took me a month or so before I was able to take the time and sit down and reflect on my many feelings about having taught myself a whole new career for less than $100.

Once I took some time to reflect on the prior six months, I realized that I was proud of myself for more than just learning data analytics—I was proud of myself for changing my life. Graduate school was a tough time for me, and I was depressed and angry for a lot of it, because I felt trapped by my program. Although I loved the field of occupational therapy, there were things about that career that still felt like a trap for me—like having to work in person every day and working within the healthcare system of the United States.

When I decided ...

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