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How To Cheat in Photoshop Elements 11

Book Description

Have you ever wanted to summon magical powers? Create a stained glass style masterpiece? Or turn Summer into Fall? There’s a whole world of opportunity out there for creating fun photomontages, powerful panoramas, and dynamic distortions.

Redesigned and completely rewritten for Elements 11, this book starts you at the basics of photomontage with selection techniques, layers and transformations; leading up to full-length projects for creating magazine covers, fantasy scenes, poster artwork and much, much more.

This book also features a dedicated website where you can download images and tutorial videos that show you how to expand, develop, and master top techniques. As well as, full color images, a glossary of terms, useful keyboard shortcuts, and a detailed index that will help you locate that fantastic technique in a flash.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. How to cheat and why
  6. How to use this book
  7. Using keyboard shortcuts
  8. What’s new in Elements 11
  9. Getting up to speed
  10. 1 Selection techniques
    1. Basic selections
    2. Combining selections
    3. The Lasso tools: part 1
    4. The Lasso tools: part 2
    5. The Magic Wand
    6. The Quick Selection tool
    7. Working with Refine Edge
    8. Protecting with selections
    9. Filling and replicating
    10. Interlude: Setting up Elements
  11. 2 Working with layers
    1. Introducing layers
    2. Repositioning layers
    3. Grouping and linking
    4. Layers from selections
    5. Divide and multiply
    6. Align and distribute
    7. Creating a simple montage
    8. Layer blend modes
    9. Using layer styles
    10. Interlude: Keep up, no slacking!
  12. 3 Transformation and distortion
    1. Scaling with Free Transform
    2. Correcting images with skew
    3. Unlocking rotation
    4. Simple perspective distortion
    5. Close-ups with Spherize
    6. Keep your composure
    7. Think Smart!
    8. Tricky selections
    9. A flag for all nations
    10. Mimicking long exposure
    11. Interlude: Drawing comparisons
  13. 4 Hiding and showing
    1. Working with layer masks 1
    2. Working with masks 2
    3. Gradient masking
    4. Using Clipping Masks
    5. Smudge masking
    6. Spectacular fireworks
    7. Interlude: Digital cameras
  14. 5 Image adjustments
    1. Boosting contrast with levels
    2. Fixing color problems
    3. Shadows and highlights
    4. Working with color channels
    5. Bee flat to bee sharp
    6. Introducing adjustment layers
    7. The perfect respray
    8. Shifting the seasons
    9. Miracle healing
    10. Cleaning the scene
    11. Changing skies
    12. Catching the drops
    13. Adding depth of field
    14. Interlude: But is it art?
  15. 6 Working with text
    1. Introducing the Type tool
    2. Text in paragraphs
    3. Text on a selection
    4. Text inside a selection
    5. Three-dimensional text
    6. Creating cut away text
    7. Interlude: Can I get a job doing this?
  16. 7 Quick techniques
    1. A splash of color
    2. Panorama power
    3. The need for speed
    4. Sunset silhouette
    5. Making rainbows
    6. A model village
    7. Making notepaper
    8. Writing in the sand
    9. Rubber stamp it
    10. Creating custom brushes
    11. Puzzle time
    12. Bobblehead caricature
    13. Letting the dust settle
    14. Casting a divine light
    15. Aging a photo in minutes
    16. Making sticky tape
    17. From day to night
    18. Flashlight illumination
    19. Instant candlelight
    20. Complex reflections
    21. Lifting the lid
    22. Room with a view
    23. The classic head-swap
    24. Interlude: Keeping it real
  17. 8 A change of scenery
    1. Fairy gets her wings
    2. I have the power!
    3. All the world’s a stage
    4. A winter wonderland
    5. The great escape
    6. Interlude: Finding images for free
  18. 9 Art & design
    1. Soft textured portrait
    2. Perceptions of a distant sun
    3. Hollywood glamor
    4. Creating a wax seal
    5. The Graphic Novel filter
    6. Notebook sketching
    7. Wanted: preferably alive
    8. Rapid stained glass
    9. Blueprint for design
    10. Neon signs with layer styles
    11. You spin me round
    12. Saving files for the Internet
    13. Making things move
  19. Glossary
  20. Downloadable content
  21. Index