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How to Containerize Your Go Code

Book Description

This report shows how Go programmers can build small, efficient containers for their Go code. It explains what's inside a container image and walks you through how to build and run containers for your Go projects.

What you'll learn—and how you can apply it

You'll learn how to containerize the Go code you're working on, with worked examples to show you exactly what to do. You'll see how to build a container from the scratch image, and why that's a good idea for Go code. You'll also learn how to set up port bindings so that the outside work can connect to the code running in your container, and how to pass in configuration environment variables.

This report is for you because…

  • You've heard of containers, but you're not sure whether they're right for your project, or how you would use them in your daily workflow.


  • We'll assume you're comfortable with the command line
  • We're using Go in this lesson but many of the concepts are applicable to other languages as well

Materials or downloads needed in advance