Picture Credits

The author and publisher would like to thank the following for providing images for use in this book. In all cases, every effort has been made to credit the copyright holders, but should there be any omissions or errors the publisher would be pleased to insert the appropriate acknowledgment in any subsequent edition (t=top, b=bottom, l=left, r=right, m=middle): P8, 1st row, l: Stuart Briers; 2nd row, r: Prat Fabrication, Prat Pampa Spiral book with polypropylene or polyester sleeves from Prat Paris, www.pratfab.com; 3rd row: Mapac Group Ltd, www.mapac.com; 4th row, l: Acer Inc. www.acer.co.uk; r: Apple Inc, Cupertino, California, USA. P11: Rachel Wells, www.rachel-wells.co.uk. P12: Archival Methods LLC – Presentation supplies, ...

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