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How to design with data

Book Description

Data is a key part of analyzing your designs and the way your users use your designs. Analytics can seem intimidating if you are not familiar with them, but the basics are pretty simple once you know what the numbers and graphs mean.

What you’ll learn&8212;and how you can apply it

You will learn basic tips about how to interpret a graph of user behavior to find the problems in your designs (so you can fix them!), and what the fundamental numbers mean. You will also start to have an intuition about how to compare those numbers to understand the “health” of your site/app and see insights that no one else can see.

This lesson is for you because

You can start using the information from these lessons today, and you will feel more comfortable learning more about user data and analytics after reading them.


  • No experience with data is necessary
  • General familiarity with the idea of designing digital things is helpful

Materials or downloads needed:

  • None

This Lesson in taken from UX for Beginners by Joel Marsh.