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How to Do Everything Mac OS X Mountain Lion, 4th Edition

Book Description

Unleash the power of OS X Mountain Lion!

Maximize the amazing features packed into the latest release of Apple’s cutting-edge desktop operating system. With coverage of the iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, and Mac mini, How to Do Everything: Mac OS X Mountain Lion shows you how to set up and customize your machine for peak performance. Find out what’s new, such as Messages, the Notification Center, Reminders, and more. Networking, hardware, security, and troubleshooting are fully explained in this hands-on guide.

  • Manage system preferences
  • Interact with your Mac using Multi-Touch gestures
  • Launch apps and utilities from Launchpad
  • Manipulate open items with Mission Control
  • Connect to the Internet and surf with Safari
  • Video chat with FaceTime
  • Download content from the App Store
  • Stay in touch, on schedule, and organized with Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Messages, Notes, and Reminders
  • Use iWork for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • Enjoy multimedia with QuickTime, iPhoto, iTunes, and iMovie
  • Use iCloud to sync data with your iPod, iPad, and iPhone
  • Set up a wired or wireless network
  • Connect external devices via USB and FireWire
  • Troubleshoot, tune, and back up your Mac

Table of Contents

  1. Cover 
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. About the Author
  6. Contents 
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Introduction
  9. Part I: Get Started with Your Mac
    1. Chapter 1: Welcome to the World of Mac!
      1. Types of Macs
        1. What’s the Difference Between a Consumer Mac and a Professional Mac?
        2. Which Macs Are for Consumers?
        3. Which Macs Are for Professionals?
        4. Intel Processors
      2. Explore Your Mac
        1. What Are All These Ports (and Other Items) For?
      3. Set Up Your Mac
      4. Hook Up Your Keyboard and Mouse
        1. Connect to a Power Source
        2. Set Up Your Working (or Playing!) Environment
      5. Start It Up!
        1. Use the Setup Assistant
        2. What’s All This on My Screen?
        3. How Do I Drive This Thing?
        4. What Version of the Mac OS Do You Have?
        5. Restart, Shut Down, and Put Your Mac to Sleep
      6. Summary
    2. Chapter 2: First Things First: Getting to Know Your Mac
      1. A Very Brief Word About Keyboards
      2. It’s GUI, Not Sticky
        1. What’s a GUI?
        2. Discover Your Inner GUI
      3. Internal Storage, CDs, and DVDs
      4. Lost Already? Get Help from Your Mac
      5. Summary
    3. Chapter 3: Cruisin’: Navigating Your Mac
      1. Discover the Finder
        1. Get Around in a Finder Window
        2. Choose the Right View for You
        3. Set Finder Preferences
        4. Get Information About Your Files and Folders
      2. Discover and Use OS X’s Files and Folders
        1. The Users Folder, In Depth
        2. Create, Rename, and Delete Files and Folders
        3. Look! Quick! It’s Quick Look!
      3. Search for Stuff on Your Mac
        1. Search Using Spotlight
        2. Search Using Find
      4. I Wanna Dock!
        1. Add, Move, and Delete Icons in the Dock
        2. The Icons Aren’t Just There for Show
        3. Access Files and Folders from the Dock
        4. Set Preferences for the Dock
      5. Manipulating Windows with Mission Control
      6. Managing Finder and Application Windows
      7. Spaced Out!
        1. Create Spaces
      8. Run Widgets from the Dashboard
        1. Dashboard Basics
        2. Open and Close Widgets
        3. Set Preferences in Widgets
        4. Find More Cool Widgets Than You Can Shake a Stick At
      9. Use Launchpad to Blast Off Applications
      10. Summary
    4. Chapter 4: Stylin’ and Profilin’! Customizing Your Mac
      1. Tailor Your Environment
        1. Choose a Desktop Picture
        2. Select a Screen Saver
        3. Customize the Finder Window Toolbar
        4. Use the General Preferences Pane
      2. Set the Basic Settings
        1. Set the Time and Date
        2. Change Monitor Preferences
        3. Change Sound Settings
      3. Personalize (and Protect) Your Mac Even Further with User Accounts
        1. Why Use Individual Accounts?
        2. Add a New User Account
        3. Set Account Types, Usernames, and Passwords
        4. Parental Controls Need-to-Knows
      4. Summary
    5. Chapter 5: Getting Started on the Internet
      1. Get Connected
        1. Dial-up or Broadband?
        2. Use the Network Setup Assistant
      2. Communicate with the World
        1. Understand Email Basics
        2. Surfin’ Safari!
        3. Chat It Up with Messages
        4. The Future of Calling Is Here with FaceTime
      3. Summary
  10. Part II: Making Your Mac Earn Its Keep
    1. Chapter 6: How to Use Your Mac’s Applications
      1. Realize What Applications and Utilities Come with Your Mac
        1. Applications
        2. Utilities
      2. Find Common Ground for OS X’s Applications
        1. Launch an Application
        2. Find More Details About the Application
        3. Set Your Application’s Preferences
        4. Create a New Document
        5. Select, Cut, Copy, and Paste Items
        6. Save Documents
        7. Open Documents
        8. Print Documents
        9. Quit Applications
      3. Identify Basic Application Commands
      4. Summary
    2. Chapter 7: I Work, You Work, We All Work with iWork
      1. Identify Common Tools
      2. Get to Know Pages
        1. Use Templates
        2. Start from Scratch: Use a Blank Document
      3. Get to Know Keynote
        1. Create a New Slideshow
        2. Play, Save, and Share Your Slideshow
      4. Get to Know Numbers
        1. Create a Sample Spreadsheet
        2. Make a Simple Spreadsheet from Scratch
      5. Summary
    3. Chapter 8: Start the Presses! Printing and Faxing Your Documents
      1. Determine What You Need to Get Started
        1. Inkjet or Laser Printer?
        2. The Type of Cables You Need
        3. Choose Print Media
      2. Install Printer Drivers
      3. The Print & Scan Preferences Pane
        1. Install Your Printer
        2. Connect Your Printer via a Network
      4. Print a Job
        1. Choose Print Options
        2. Manage Print Jobs
      5. Troubleshoot Printer Installation Problems
      6. Share Printers
      7. What Is PDF?
        1. Make Your Own PDF Files
        2. Just the Fax, Ma’am!
        3. Send a Fax
      8. Summary
    4. Chapter 9: Connected and Organized: Two Things Most of Us Are Not!
      1. Let Your Mouse Do the Walking: Using Contacts
        1. Add Contacts
        2. Create Groups of Contacts
        3. Print Your Contacts
      2. Your Scheduling Pal, Calendar
        1. Create Calendars
        2. Create Events for Your Calendars
        3. Share Your Calendars
        4. Subscribe to Calendars
        5. Print Calendars
      3. Need a Reminder?
      4. Take Notes
      5. Summary
  11. Part III: Pictures, Music, and Movies, Oh My!
    1. Chapter 10: The Quick and the Time: QuickTime
      1. What the Heck Is QuickTime?
      2. Cool Ways to Use QuickTime
        1. View Video Files
        2. Listen to Audio Files
        3. Record Audio and Video
        4. Shorten Your Movies
      3. QuickTime on the Web
        1. Use QuickTime Within Your Web Browser
        2. Convert Movies to a Different Format
        3. Share Your Files Easily
      4. Summary
    2. Chapter 11: Say Cheese! Managing Your Photos with iPhoto
      1. iPhoto: A Darkroom on Your Desktop
        1. Understand the iPhoto Interface
        2. Bring Your Memories into iPhoto
        3. Create Albums
        4. Put Together a Slideshow
        5. Create Cards, Calendars, and Books
        6. Edit Photos
        7. Share Your Memories
        8. Print Your Pictures
      2. Summary
    3. Chapter 12: Well, Turn It Up, Man! Get in Tune with iTunes
      1. It’s Your Party and You’re the D.J.!
      2. Use the Mighty iTunes Store
        1. Find Much More Than Just Music
      3. Import Tracks to Your Library
        1. Import Tracks from CDs
        2. Import Files
      4. Check Out iTunes’ Preferences
        1. General
        2. Playback
        3. Sharing
        4. Store
        5. Parental
        6. Devices
        7. Advanced
      5. Create Playlists
        1. Create a Standard Playlist
        2. Create a Smart Playlist
      6. Burn, Baby, Burn!
      7. Take Your Tunes on the Road: Connect Your iPod, iPad, or iPhone
      8. Summary
    4. Chapter 13: iLights! iCamera! iAction!: Using iMovie
      1. iMovie: Your Personal Editing Room
      2. Import Video into iMovie
        1. Import Movie Files
        2. Import iMovie HD Projects
        3. Import from a Video Camera
        4. View Your Imported Video
      3. Select Video to Work With
      4. Create an iMovie Project
        1. Add Video to Your Project
        2. Add Music and Sound Effects to Your Project
      5. Share Your Masterpiece
        1. Sharing Over the Internet
        2. Export Your Movie
      6. Summary
  12. Part IV: Time to Geek Out! Digging Deeper into Your Mac
    1. Chapter 14: Making Sense of the System Preferences
      1. Personal
        1. General
        2. Desktop & Screen Saver
        3. Dock
        4. Mission Control
        5. Language & Text
        6. Security & Privacy
        7. Spotlight
      2. Hardware
        1. CDs & DVDs
        2. Displays
        3. Energy Saver
        4. Keyboard
        5. Mouse
        6. Trackpad
        7. Print & Fax
        8. Sound
      3. Internet & Wireless
        1. iCloud
        2. Mail, Contacts & Calendars
        3. Network
        4. Bluetooth
        5. Sharing
      4. System
        1. Users & Groups, Parental Controls, and Date & Time
        2. Software Update
        3. Dictation & Speech
        4. Time Machine
        5. Accessibility
        6. Startup Disk
      5. Summary
    2. Chapter 15: Making Your Mac Play Pretty with Other Computers
      1. Wired or Wireless? That Is the Question!
        1. A Look at Wireless Connections
        2. Wires Are Good, Too!
        3. Network Setup Assistant Revisited
        4. Soar with AirPort
      2. Become Pals with the Network Preferences
        1. Meet the Basic Network Preferences Pane
        2. Meet the Advanced Network Settings
      3. Mom Always Taught Me to Share
        1. Services
      4. Summary
    3. Chapter 16: Deeper into the Internet Jungle with Safari
      1. Embark on Advanced Safari
      2. Use Bookmarks
        1. Create Bookmarks
        2. Keep Bookmarks Organized
        3. Import and Export Bookmarks
      3. Configure Safari Preferences
      4. Find Information on the Internet
      5. Sharing Websites
      6. Summary
    4. Chapter 17: Mail Call!
      1. Set Preferences for Mail
        1. General
        2. Accounts
        3. Junk Mail
        4. Fonts & Colors
        5. Viewing
        6. Composing Preferences
        7. Signatures
        8. Rules
      2. Create Mailboxes and Smart Mailboxes
      3. Format Your Messages
        1. Choose Fonts and Colors
        2. Add Photos with Photo Browser
        3. Use Stationery
        4. Add Attachments
      4. Add Email Addresses to Contacts
      5. Use More Than One Account
      6. Summary
  13. Part V: Making Your Mac Even Better: Adding Microsoft Windows and Hardware
    1. Chapter 18: ATTENTION! Welcome to Boot Camp, Private!
      1. Why Install Windows on Your Mac?
      2. Have the Best of Both Worlds: Install Windows with Boot Camp
      3. Choose Which OS to Boot Into
      4. Summary
    2. Chapter 19: It’s Alive! Adding Hardware to Your Mac (enstein)
      1. Understand Why Adding More Memory Is Never a Bad Idea
        1. Discover What Adding Memory Does for Your Mac
        2. “I’m Convinced! How Do I Install More Memory?”
      2. Add External Devices
        1. Choose Between USB and FireWire
        2. “Which Is Best for My Needs?”
      3. Summary
  14. Part VI: Troubleshooting and Getting Further Help When You Need It
    1. Chapter 20: What the Heck Just Happened?
      1. Don’t Panic!
        1. Master Troubleshooting
        2. Rule Numero Uno: Restart
        3. Log in to a Different Account
        4. Back Up Your Stuff
      2. Troubleshoot Typical Hardware Problems
        1. My Mac Won’t Power Up!
        2. External Devices Don’t Work Properly
        3. System Information
      3. Troubleshoot Typical Software Problems
        1. The Mother of All Computer Troubleshooting Techniques
      4. Check Whether Your Mac Is Running the Latest OS Version
        1. Troubleshoot Startup Issues
        2. Overcome Kernel Panic
        3. Repair Disk Permissions
        4. My Application Just Crashed!
        5. Thaw Freezes
        6. Confront a Blue Screen
      5. Evaluate Third-Party Solutions
        1. Consider Third-Party Disk Utility Software
        2. Consider Third-Party Antivirus Software
      6. When All Else Fails, Reinstall
      7. Summary
    2. Chapter 21: Helpful Resources for Your Mac
      1. Consult OS X’s Help System
      2. Exploit Apple’s Support Pages
      3. Call for Help
      4. Find Helpful Mac Sites on the Web
        1. Troubleshooting and Repair Sites
        2. Information and News Sites
        3. Sites for Tips, Tricks, and Hints
        4. Software Sites
        5. Fun Stuff!
      5. Summary
  15. Part VII: Change the Silicon Every Three Thousand Miles: Maintaining Your Mac
    1. Chapter 22: Keeping the Engine Tuned
      1. Check for Updates with the App Store
      2. Keep Your Third-Party Applications Updated
      3. Follow Simple Mac Maintenance Procedures
      4. A Clean Mac Is a Happy Mac!
      5. Summary
    2. Chapter 23: Getting Under the Hood
      1. Get Familiar with Disk Utility
        1. Work with the Disk Utility Toolbar
        2. Work with the Disk Utility Tabs
        3. First Aid
      2. Use Disc Utility to Erase Rewriteable CDs and DVDs
      3. Use Disk Utility to Create and Burn Disk Images
        1. Create Blank Disk Images
        2. Create a Disk Image from an Existing Disk
        3. Burn Images to Disks
      4. Summary
    3. Chapter 24: Back’er Up: Using Time Machine
      1. Back Up with Time Machine
        1. Set Time Machine’s Preferences
        2. Use the WABAC Machine
      2. Summary
  16. Index