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How to Do Everything: Pages, Keynote & Numbers for OS X and iOS

Book Description

Maximize your productivity--the Apple way!

Get the most out of the iWork suite of apps on a Mac, an iOS device, and in iCloud. How to Do Everything: Pages, Keynote & Numbers for OS X and iOS shows you how to create great-looking documents, persuasive presentations, and number-crunching spreadsheets. Filled with clear explanations and detailed examples, this practical guide covers everything you need to know to use these powerful productivity apps on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and web browser.

  • Set up an iCloud account and download Pages, Keynote, and Numbers
  • Create, edit, and format documents with Pages
  • Add graphics, audio, video, tables, and charts to your documents
  • Design and deliver impressive presentations with Keynote
  • Include media, graphics, and charts in your presentation slides
  • Set up, share, and secure powerful spreadsheets with Numbers
  • Add tables, formulas, charts, audio, and video to your spreadsheets
  • Access and sync iWork files using iCloud and collaborate with others

Table of Contents

  1. Cover 
  2. About the Author
    1. About the Technical Editor
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Contents at a Glance
  6. Contents 
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Introduction
  9. Part I: Introducing Productivity, the Apple Way
    1. 1. A Brief Overview of Apple’s Productivity Software
      1. Why Be Productive the Apple Way?
      2. What Does Pages Do?
      3. What Does Keynote Do?
      4. What Does Numbers Do?
      5. Common Interface Features, Based on Platform
        1. OS X
        2. iOS
        3. iCloud
      6. Compatibility and Other Potential Issues
      7. Where to Go for Help
        1. Built-in Help
        2. Apple’s Support Website
      8. Summary
    2. 2. What Is iCloud?
      1. A Quick Look at iCloud’s Features
        1. Mail
        2. Contacts
        3. Calendar
        4. Notes
        5. Reminders
        6. Find My iPhone
        7. Pages, Keynote, and Numbers
      2. Begin Using iCloud
        1. Creating an iCloud Account
        2. Accessing Your iCloud Account
      3. Summary
  10. Part II: Word Processing and Page Layout, the Apple Way
    1. 3. Pages Basics
      1. Getting Around in Pages
      2. Setting Pages’ Preferences
        1. OS X Preferences
        2. iOS Preferences
        3. iCloud Preferences
      3. Working with Documents
        1. Creating New Documents
        2. Saving and Renaming Documents
        3. Opening Existing Documents
        4. Using Passwords and Locking Documents
        5. Moving Documents to and from iCloud
        6. Sharing Documents with iCloud
        7. Exporting and Importing Documents
        8. Printing Documents
      4. Working with Templates
        1. Using Existing Templates
        2. Creating Custom Templates
        3. Adding Custom Templates to Pages for OS X and iOS
      5. T-E-X-T! Text, Text, Text!
        1. Adding Text
        2. Choosing and Formatting Fonts
        3. Using Paragraph Styles
        4. Creating Lists
        5. Working with Special Characters
        6. Adjusting Text Flow
        7. Using Phonetic Guide Texts
        8. Using Bidirectional Text
      6. Getting Your Documents Just Right
        1. Setting Paper Size and Margins
        2. A Headers and Footers Primer
        3. Organizing with Sections
        4. Adding Background Colors and Borders
        5. Viewing Formatting Marks
        6. Using Footnotes and Endnotes
        7. Fashioning a Table of Contents
      7. Summary
    2. 4. Dazzling Documents
      1. Pictures Are Worth a Thousand Words: Objects and Media
        1. Pepping Up Documents with Images
        2. Time to Shape Up: Working with Shapes
        3. Multimedia Madness: Audio and Video
        4. Positioning Objects
        5. Working Better Together: Grouping Objects
      2. Putting It All on the Table
        1. Adding Tables to Your Documents
        2. Adding and Adjusting Rows and Columns
        3. Customizing Tables and Cells
        4. Merging and Unmerging Cells
        5. Formula Basics
      3. Chart Toppers
        1. Adding and Placing Charts
        2. Adjusting a Chart’s Appearance and Type
      4. Summary
    3. 5. Tidying Up Pages Documents
      1. Tracking Changes
        1. Enabling and Disabling Track Changes
        2. Viewing Tracked Changes
        3. Accepting or Rejecting Changes
      2. Working with Comments and Highlights
        1. Making Comments and Highlights in OS X
        2. Making Comments and Highlights in iOS
      3. Finding and Replacing Text
        1. OS X
        2. iOS
        3. iCloud
      4. Check Your Speling
        1. OS X
        2. iOS
        3. iCloud
      5. Utilizing Reference Tools
      6. It Turns Out That There Is a Substitute: Using Text Replacement
      7. Summary
  11. Part III: Creating and Delivering Presentations, the Apple Way
    1. 6. Getting to Know Keynote
      1. Getting Around In Keynote
      2. Setting Keynote’s Preferences
        1. OS X Preferences
        2. iOS Settings
        3. iCloud Preferences
      3. Working with Presentations
        1. Creating New Presentations
        2. Saving and Renaming Presentations
        3. Opening Existing Presentations
        4. Which View Is for You?
        5. Locking Presentations and Using Passwords
        6. Moving Presentations to and from iCloud
        7. Sharing Presentations with iCloud
        8. Exporting and Importing Presentations
        9. Transferring Files to and from Keynote Through iTunes
        10. Printing a Presentation
      4. Chutes and Ladders: Working with Slides
        1. Adding Slides and Slide Numbers
        2. Keeping It Together: Reorder and Group Slides
        3. Editing a Master Slide
        4. Skipping Slides
      5. Summary
    2. 7. Pleasantly Pleasing Presentations
      1. Enhancing Slides with Objects and Media
        1. Inserting Images
        2. Placing and Adjusting Shapes
        3. Adding Video and Audio
        4. Aligning, Moving, Resizing, and Rotating Objects
        5. Layering and Grouping Objects
        6. Animating Objects
        7. Taking Advantage of Neat Slide Transitions
        8. Hitting the Links: Linking Objects
      2. Work That Text!
        1. Adding Text to Slides
        2. Formatting a Slide’s Text
        3. Using and Formatting Lists
        4. Creating Paragraph Styles
      3. Turning the Tables
        1. Adding a Table
        2. Adding or Removing Rows and Columns
        3. Formatting Cells
        4. Merging and Unmerging Cells
        5. The Basics of Formulas
      4. Pop Charts
      5. Summary
    3. 8. Getting Your Presentation to the Masses
      1. Squaring the Whole Thing: Editing Presentations
        1. Finding and Replacing Text
        2. Chek Your Spelling
        3. Playing It Smart with Reference Tools
        4. Substituting Text On-the-Fly
        5. Making Comments and Highlighting Text
      2. Presenting Your Presentations
        1. Playing a Presentation
        2. Utilizing Links-Only or Self-Playing Presentations
        3. Setting Presentation Playback Options
        4. Using Your Presenter Notes
        5. Driving with Keynote Remote
        6. Narrating a Self-Playing Recording
      3. Summary
  12. Part IV: Working with Spreadsheets, the Apple Way
    1. 9. Juggling Numbers
      1. Getting Around in Numbers
      2. Setting Numbers’ Preferences
        1. OS X Preferences
        2. iOS Preferences
        3. iCloud Preferences
      3. Working with Spreadsheets
        1. Creating New Spreadsheets
        2. Saving and Renaming Spreadsheets
        3. Opening Existing Spreadsheets
        4. Adding and Organizing Sheets
        5. Locking Spreadsheets and Using Passwords
        6. Moving Spreadsheets to and from iCloud
        7. Sharing Spreadsheets with iCloud
        8. Exporting and Importing Spreadsheets
        9. Printing a Spreadsheet
      4. Summary
    2. 10. Filling in All Those Cells
      1. A Seat at the Table
        1. Adding a Table
        2. Adding Rows and Columns
        3. Working with Cell Contents
        4. Formatting Tables and Cells
        5. Adding Controls to Cells
        6. Merging and Unmerging Cells
        7. Placing Comments and Highlighting in Cells
        8. Sorting and Filtering Data in Columns
      2. Formulas (and Functions) for Success
        1. Working with Formulas and Functions in OS X and iCloud
        2. Working with Formulas and Functions in iOS
      3. Charting the Course
        1. Adding and Placing Charts
        2. Adjusting a Chart’s Appearance
      4. Summary
    3. 11. Looks Aren’t Everything…But They Don’t Hurt
      1. Putting Some Pizzazz in Spreadsheets
        1. Using Images
        2. Adding and Revising Shapes
        3. Including Video and Audio
        4. Changing the Appearance of Objects
        5. Aligning, Moving, Resizing, and Rotating Objects
        6. Staying Close: Layering and Grouping Objects
      2. Adding and Editing Text
        1. Texting It Up
        2. Adjusting Formatting and Appearance of Text
        3. Check Yur Spelling
      3. Summary
  13. A. Keyboard Shortcuts
    1. Universal Shortcuts
    2. Pages-Specific Shortcuts
    3. Keynote-Specific Shortcuts
  14. Glossary
  15. Index