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How to Do Everything: Microsoft Office Online

Book Description

Master Microsoft Office Online and OneDrive How to Do Everything: Microsoft Office Online shows you how to use this versatile, free platform to create and save documents, presentations, and spreadsheets online and easily collaborate with others. You’ll also get tips for storing and sharing photos, videos, and more on OneDrive and organizing your notes with OneNote Online. You'll see how to manage your email, contacts, and calendar using Outlook.com. Access and share your files anytime, anywhere from Windows, Mac OSX, Apple iOS, and Android devices. This practical guide covers it all! Connect to and sign up for OneDrive Add, manage, and share files and folders on OneDrive Navigate and customize Office Online Create, format, and edit documents in Word Online Enter, edit, and format data in Excel Online Use Excel Online formulas, functions, and tables Create impressive presentations in PowerPoint Online Collect and organize notes in OneNote Online Work with Outlook.com and manage your email, calendar, and contacts

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents at a Glance
  6. Contents
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. Introduction
  9. CHAPTER 1 Getting and Exploring OneDrive
    1. Explore the Cloud
    2. Get Started with OneDrive
      1. Connect to and Sign Up for OneDrive
      2. Explore OneDrive
      3. Set Up OneDrive on Your Computer
    3. Set Up OneDrive on Multiple Devices
      1. Set Up OneDrive on an iPhone
      2. Set Up OneDrive on an iPad
      3. Set Up OneDrive on an Android Phone
      4. Set Up OneDrive on an Android Tablet
      5. Set Up OneDrive on a Windows Phone
  10. CHAPTER 2 Handling Files in OneDrive
    1. Work with Files and Folders in OneDrive
      1. Add Files and Folders to OneDrive
      2. Handle Files and Folders in OneDrive
    2. Use OneDrive
      1. Use OneDrive from Apps
      2. Open Apps from OneDrive Files
      3. Share OneDrive Files and Folders
  11. CHAPTER 3 Introducing Office Online
    1. Open and Close an Office Online App
      1. Start an Office Online App Directly
      2. Start an Office Online App in OneDrive
      3. Close an Office Online App
    2. Open, Close, and Save an Office Online Document
      1. Open a Document in an Office Online App
      2. Save a Document in Office Online
    3. Explore an Office Online App
      1. Explore an Office Online App Window
      2. Understand the Ribbon
      3. Display the Mini Toolbar
      4. Use Tabs and Menus
      5. Use Various Views
    4. Use Common Office Online Tools
      1. Open Help
      2. Use the Office Online Clipboard
      3. Check Spelling
      4. Change Basic Character Formatting
      5. Print a Document
      6. Enter Comments
  12. CHAPTER 4 Working with Word Online
    1. Explore Word Online
      1. Start Word
      2. Create a New Document
      3. Use a Template to Create a Document
      4. Locate and Open an Existing Document
    2. Write a Document
      1. Enter Text
      2. Insert Text or Type Over It
      3. Insert Line or Page Breaks
      4. Select Text
      5. Copy and Move Text
      6. Delete Text
      7. Enter Symbols and Special Characters
    3. Navigate a Document
      1. Move Around in a Document
      2. Find and Replace Text
    4. Use Word Writing Aids
      1. Count Words
      2. Use Highlighting
  13. CHAPTER 5 Formatting a Document
    1. Format Text
      1. Review the Text-Formatting Tools
      2. Apply Character Formatting
    2. Format a Paragraph
      1. Survey the Paragraph-Formatting Tools
      2. Set Paragraph Alignment
      3. Indent a Paragraph
      4. Change and Remove Indents
    3. Understand Line and Paragraph Spacing
      1. Set Line Spacing
    4. Format a Page
      1. Set Margins
      2. Determine Page Orientation
      3. Specify Paper Size
    5. Use Styles
      1. Understand Styles
      2. Identify Text with a Style
      3. Clear a Style from Text or a Document
    6. Work with Documents
      1. Use Tabs
      2. Add Headers and Footers
      3. Apply Header and Footer Options
      4. Add Footnotes and Endnotes
    7. Use Tables
      1. Create a Table
      2. Modify Tables
      3. Work with Table Elements
      4. Format Table Elements
  14. CHAPTER 6 Entering, Editing, and Formatting Data in Excel Online
    1. Enter and Format Numbers, Text, Dates, and Times
      1. Explore Excel Data Types
      2. Enter Text
      3. Complete an Entry
      4. Enter Numeric Data
      5. Enter and Format Dates
      6. Format Numbers
      7. Work with Dates and Times
      8. Use Times
      9. Add Data Quickly
    2. Select, Edit, Copy, Paste, and Delete Data
      1. Edit Cell Data
      2. Remove Cell Contents
      3. Select Cells and Ranges
      4. Copy and Paste Data
      5. Find Data
    3. Select, Size, Add, Hide, and Remove Rows and Columns
      1. Adjust Row Height
      2. Adjust Column Width
      3. Hide and Unhide Rows and Columns
      4. Add and Remove Rows, Columns, and Cells
    4. Format Using Borders, Alignment, and Color
      1. Add Color
      2. Change Cell Borders
      3. Align Cell Contents
  15. CHAPTER 7 Using Formulas, Functions, and Tables and Organizing Data
    1. Reference and Name Cells and Ranges of Cells
      1. Work with Cell Referencing Types
      2. Go to a Cell Quickly
    2. Build, Edit, Copy, Move, and Calculate Formulas
      1. Create a Formula
      2. Edit or Delete a Formula
      3. Move Formulas
      4. Copy Formulas
      5. Recalculate Formulas
      6. Use Worksheet References in Formulas
    3. Use Functions
      1. Use Functions Quickly
      2. Enter a Function
      3. Enter a Sum in Columns or Rows Quickly
    4. Work with Tables
      1. Insert a Table
      2. Change Rows and Columns in a Table
      3. Add a Total Row
    5. Organize Data
      1. Perform an Ascending/Descending Sort
      2. Use AutoFilter
      3. Use Worksheets to Organize Data
  16. CHAPTER 8 Creating a Presentation with PowerPoint Online
    1. Begin to Use PowerPoint
      1. Start PowerPoint
      2. Begin with a New Blank Slide
      3. Begin with Templates
      4. Open an Existing Presentation
    2. Create a Presentation
      1. Understand Themes, Layouts, and Templates
      2. Find a Theme
      3. Add New Slides and Layouts
      4. Add Content to a Slide
      5. Switch Between PowerPoint Online and Desktop PowerPoint
      6. Explore PowerPoint Online Views
    3. Navigate and Manipulate Slides
      1. Move to the Next or Previous Slide
      2. Navigate from Slide to Slide
      3. Move, Duplicate, or Hide Slides
    4. Change the Look and Feel of Slides
      1. Change a Theme
      2. Add Animations and Transitions to Slides
      3. Insert SmartArt for Lists
  17. CHAPTER 9 Working with Slide Content
    1. Work with Notes and Comments
      1. Create a Note
      2. Create Comments
    2. Work with Text
      1. Use a Text Layout
      2. Insert a New Text Box
      3. Work with Placeholders and Objects
      4. Use Headers and Footers
      5. Move and Copy Text
      6. Work with Hyperlinks
    3. Work with Collaborators
      1. Share the Presentation
  18. CHAPTER 10 Using OneNote Notebooks
    1. Start OneNote
      1. Start OneNote Using Office.com
      2. Start OneNote Using OneDrive.com
    2. Create a New Notebook
      1. Create a New Section
      2. Create a New Page
    3. Add Content to a Page
      1. Add and Format Text
      2. Add Images to a Page
      3. Label or Resize Images
      4. Add Tables
      5. Manipulate Tables
      6. Add Web Links
      7. Add a Symbol
    4. Explore OneNote Views
      1. Use Editing View
      2. Use Reading View
      3. Show Authors and Page Versions
    5. Perform Other Functions with OneNote
      1. Share the Notebook
      2. Check Spelling
      3. Edit the Notebook in Desktop OneNote
      4. Print with OneNote
  19. CHAPTER 11 Using and Managing Outlook, Calendar, and People
    1. Work with Outlook
      1. Get Started with Outlook.com
      2. Create a New E-mail
      3. Arrange E-mail into Folders
      4. Sort the Display of E-mail
      5. Display Selected E-mail
    2. Manage Your Calendar
      1. Open and Display the Calendar
      2. Create a New Appointment
      3. Add an Event, Task, or Birthday
      4. Add Another Calendar
      5. Filter Calendar Entries
      6. Import Calendar Entries
      7. Share Your Calendar
      8. Set Calendar Options
    3. Manage Your People Contacts
      1. Import or Add, Edit, and Delete Contacts
      2. Manage Display of Contacts
      3. Work with Groups
  20. Index