Stages in a networking interview

  1. Establish a relationship.
  2. Encourage the other person to talk.
  3. Reflect what the other person has said.
  4. Summarise the key ideas you have got from the meeting.
  5. Thank them for their time.

Look at the ten commandments of active listening, below. How many ‘sins’ did you commit in your last networking interview?

The ten commandments of active listening

  1. Judgement evaluation – do not judge or evaluate until you have understood!
  2. Avoid embellishment – do not infer thoughts, facts or ideas in addition to those stated; avoid embellishment!
  3. Personal thoughts – do not attribute your own thoughts and ideas to the speaker!
  4. Lack of attention – do not allow your thoughts to stray nor your attention to wander!
  5. Attitude – be receptive; ...

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