Appendix: The Three Keys to a Purposeful Brand Foundation

You have read extensively how the Three Keys—purpose, value, and story—are interwoven into and directly impact every facet of a business. But how does a leader begin to take intentional action to identify and define their company purpose, values, and story?

Most companies choose to retain outside expert advice to develop and strategically implement their brand foundation. Whether a small startup or a Fortune 50 company, this is pretty much a best practice. It is exceedingly difficult to honestly see and evaluate all of the aspects of individual and business purpose, values, and stories.

However, if you possess the courage to develop each of the keys yourself, this appendix is chock full of the help you will need, inspired by the comprehensive frameworks Advantages executes for its clients. The answers you require to develop your rock-solid brand foundation are all out there, but be warned: to uncover them will take a hefty investment of elbow grease and time.

To recap, a purpose-driven brand is built from the bottom up, and like any enduring structure, there must first be a rock-solid foundation. A brand foundation is a set of written materials that are authentic, intentional, and customized—no cookie-cutter approach here. These materials directly reflect the character and community of your company, and become the starting point for any and all communications.

Let's quickly review the Three Keys:

  • Key #1: Purpose. A business's ...

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