How to Make Money with Social Media: An Insider’s Guide on Using New and Emerging Media to Grow Your Business

Book description

This is an authoritative, up-to-the-minute resource, written by real experts who have made social media marketing work for many of the world's largest companies. This in-the-trenches guide brings together both practical strategies and proven execution techniques for driving maximum value from social media marketing. Drawing on their extensive experience, Jamie Turner and Reshma Shah also show how to avoid crucial pitfalls that other companies have encountered, so you make the most of limited resources, and strengthen your brand instead of placing it at risk. Turner and Shah present comprehensive and realistic coverage of these and many other key topics:

  • What social media is not, why your first campaign failed, and what to do differently next time

  • How to think about social media, plan effectively, and set yourself up for success

  • How to make the most of YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter and go beyond them

  • How to measure brand sentiment, target market engagement, and return on investment

  • How to identify key strategies, major objectives, and competitive issues, and integrate social media into broader marketing campaigns

  • Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Contents
    4. Praise for How to Make Money with Social Media
    5. Acknowledgments
    6. About the Authors
    7. Introduction
    8. Part I. The Social Media Landscape
      1. Chapter 1. What Social Media Isn’t
      2. Chapter 2. The Evolution of Marketing
      3. Chapter 3. How to Think About Social Media
      4. Chapter 4. The Language of Social Media
    9. Part II. How to Set Yourself Up for Social Media Success
      1. Chapter 5. Laying the Groundwork for Success
      2. Chapter 6. Why Your First Social Media Campaign Didn’t Work
      3. Chapter 7. Managing the Conversation
      4. Chapter 8. Creating Circular Momentum
    10. Part III. Social Media Platforms
      1. Chapter 9. Social Media Is More Than Just YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
      2. Chapter 10. How to Use Networking Platforms to Help You Grow Your Sales and Revenue
      3. Chapter 11. How to Use Promoting Platforms to Help You Grow Your Sales and Revenue
      4. Chapter 12. How to Use Sharing Platforms to Help You Grow Your Sales and Revenue
      5. Chapter 13. Mobile Media, Augmented Reality, and Widgets, Oh My!
    11. Part IV. Social Media Integration
      1. Chapter 14. How to Integrate Social Media into Your Marketing Plan
      2. Chapter 15. How to Conduct a Competitive Assessment
      3. Chapter 16. Conducting an Internal Situation Analysis
      4. Chapter 17. Understanding the Customer Thought Processes
      5. Chapter 18. Establishing Your Major Objectives and Key Strategies
      6. Chapter 19. Aligning your Social Media Strategy with Your Brand Essence
    12. Part V. How to Measure Social Media
      1. Chapter 20. How to Measure a Social Media Campaign
      2. Chapter 21. Step 1: Measuring the Quantitative Data
      3. Chapter 22. Step 2: Measuring the Qualitative Data
      4. Chapter 23. Step 3: Measuring the Only Really Important Thing—Your Return on Investment
    13. Part VI. Conclusion
      1. Chapter 24. Social Media Guidelines for Corporations
      2. Chapter 25. 59 Things You Need to Do on Your Way to a Successful Social Media Campaign
    14. Index
    15. Financial Times Press

    Product information

    • Title: How to Make Money with Social Media: An Insider’s Guide on Using New and Emerging Media to Grow Your Business
    • Author(s): Jamie Turner, Dr. Reshma Shah
    • Release date: September 2010
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 9780132311908