How to Make Money with Social Media: An Insider’s Guide to Using New and Emerging Media to Grow Your Business, Second Edition

Book description

Set up, launch, and run your winning social/mobile media campaign! This guide is packed with actionable tools, techniques, and tips you can really use – all fully revamped for today's newest platforms and opportunities. Authors Jamie Turner and Reshma Shah have unsurpassed experience using social and mobile media to solve complex and difficult marketing challenges. Their How to Make Money with Social Media, Second Edition reads just like the conversation you'd want to have with them over coffee: it's friendly, upbeat, based on hard-won experience about what does (and doesn't) work, and focused on exactly what you need to know.

Step by step, Turner and Shah show you how to:

  • Define the right goals, strategies, and tactics – and then successfully execute on your plan

  • Integrate social and mobile marketing with your other marketing programs, so you can gain more value from all of them

  • Make the most of your resources, no matter how limited they are

  • Leverage YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and newer platforms

  • Measure brand sentiment, engagement, ROI, and more – and learn the right lessons from your metrics

  • Avoid crucial pitfalls that other companies are currently encountering

  • Every chapter includes easy-to-use tips in handy callouts and sidebars, concluding with Action Steps that answer today's #1 social/mobile marketing question: "What should I do next?"

    Whether you're a marketer, entrepreneur, sales leader, or student, if you want to profit from social or mobile marketing, start right here.

    Table of contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Praise for How to Make Money with Social Media, Second Edition
    5. Praise for the Previous Edition of How to Make Money with Social Media
    6. Dedication Page
    7. Contents
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. About the Authors
    10. Introduction
      1. A Few Tips on Using This Book
    11. 1. In the Beginning
      1. Endnotes
    12. 2. The Evolution of Marketing
      1. Where Marketing Has Been
      2. Social Media Comes of Age
      3. Endnotes
    13. 3. How to Think Strategically about Social Media
      1. Here’s an Exercise We’d Like You to Do
      2. Wrapping Your Mind around Social Media
      3. Key Social Media Platforms
      4. Other Social Media Platforms You Should Know About
      5. Social Media Models Used by the Fortune 500
      6. Endnote
    14. 4. How to Speak Social Media
      1. Getting Social Media Vocabulary Straight
      2. The Social Media Life Cycle
      3. Bringing Your Social Media Campaign to Life
      4. Keeping Customers for Life
    15. 5. Laying the Groundwork for Success
      1. Measuring What Counts
      2. Risks Associated with Social Media Campaigns
      3. Social Media Isn’t Free
    16. 6. Why Your First Social Media Campaign Didn’t Work
      1. Endnote
    17. 7. Managing the Conversation
      1. Participating in the Conversation
      2. Using the i-Cubed System to Manage the Online Conversation
      3. Endnote
    18. 8. Social Media Is More Than Just Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter
      1. Social Media Tools to Help You Network, Promote, and Share
      2. What to Use When
    19. 9. Closing the Loop with E-mail and Marketing Automation
      1. The Final Mile
      2. Using E-mail Marketing and Marketing Automation to Close the Loop
      3. Endnotes
    20. 10. How to Use Networking Platforms to Help You Grow Your Sales and Revenue
      1. Who Uses Social Media?
      2. Dive Right In
      3. Endnotes
    21. 11. How to Use Promoting Platforms to Help You Grow Your Sales and Revenue
    22. 12. How to Use Sharing Platforms to Help You Grow Your Sales and Revenue
      1. A Quick Start Guide for Sharing Platforms
    23. 13. It’s Not about Social or Mobile, It’s about Social and Mobile
      1. Endnotes
    24. 14. How to Integrate Social Media into Your Marketing Plan
      1. The Advent of Integrated Marketing Communications
      2. The New World of Marketing
      3. Integrating Your Social Media Campaign
    25. 15. How to Conduct a Competitive Assessment
      1. Conducting a Competitive Assessment for Your Business
      2. Conducting a Social Media Competitive Assessment
    26. 16. Conducting an Internal Situation Analysis
      1. Conducting an Internal Situation Analysis
      2. Conducting a SWOT Analysis
      3. How to Move Ahead
      4. Endnote
    27. 17. Understanding the Customer Thought Process
      1. Customer Decision-Making Process
      2. Decision Making When It Really Matters
      3. The Role of Social Media in Influencing Decisions
      4. Endnotes
    28. 18. Establishing Your Major Objectives and Key Strategies
      1. Don’t Just Create an Action—Create a Chain Reaction
      2. How to Set Objectives That Get You Results
      3. Moving Product
      4. How to Move People
      5. Developing Your Social Media Strategy
      6. Endnote
    29. 19. Aligning Your Social Media Strategy with Your Brand Essence
      1. The Essence of Brand Essence
      2. Aligning Your Efforts with Your Brand
      3. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
      4. Endnote
    30. 20. How to Measure the Impact of Your Social Media Campaign
      1. Setting Objectives for Your Campaign
      2. The Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media Measurement
      3. Segmenting Social Media Measurement into Categories
    31. 21. Measuring the Quantitative Data
      1. Measuring Traffic on Your Own Website
      2. Measuring Traffic on Your Competitors’ Websites
      3. Measuring Traffic on Your Social Media Channels
      4. Measuring Your Online Mentions across Different Platforms
      5. Other Quantitative Metrics
      6. Endnote
    32. 22. Measuring the Qualitative Data
      1. Creating Your Own Survey
      2. Listening to the Online Conversation
      3. Mistakes to Avoid When Measuring Qualitative Social Media Data
    33. 23. All Roads in Social Media Should Lead to ROI
      1. Using Social Media for Customer Retention Purposes
      2. Generating Leads with Social Media
      3. Converting Leads into Customers
      4. Tracking Your Social Media ROI
      5. The Bottom Line
    34. 24. How to Ensure Your Social Media Campaign Runs Smoothly
      1. The Five Core Values of Social Media Behavior
      2. 17 Social Media Principles for Corporations
      3. Put These Guidelines in Place Sooner Rather than Later
    35. 25. A Step-by-Step Action Plan for Social Media Success
      1. How to Make Money with Social Media
    36. Index

    Product information

    • Title: How to Make Money with Social Media: An Insider’s Guide to Using New and Emerging Media to Grow Your Business, Second Edition
    • Author(s): Jamie Turner, Reshma Shah
    • Release date: August 2014
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 9780133888423