Step 4

How will you get what you want?

Essential practices of Step 4

  1. Identify all your deliverables.
  2. Set specifications and quality standards for all your deliverables.
  3. Establish your timescale and milestones.
  4. Create a work breakdown structure (WBS).
  5. Create an organisational breakdown structure (OBS), consistent with your WBS.
  6. Determine the logical sequence of WBS activities.
  7. Estimate the duration of each WBS activity.
  8. Create a project schedule.
  9. Create a phased project budget, from a bottom-up cost breakdown structure (CBS).
  10. Identify and secure all necessary materials, assets and other resources.

The Book of the Plan

When I started out in project management, the first task I was given at the start of a new project was to get a new ...

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