Chapter 13

Fully integrating the strategy implementation stages

I have never known a battle plan to survive a first contact with the enemy.

—A military quotation, sometimes attributed to Bismarck, frequently cited in non-military contexts.

This chapter builds on Chapter 12 and all the Part II chapters by considering the application of PUMPs in the lifecycle stages that follow the strategy gateway. Table 13.1 shows the relevant portion of the Table 1.3 stage structure with Table 3.1 roles for PUMPs elaborated for exploration in this chapter.

Table 13.1 Roles for PUMPs in the tactics shaping and later stages of the project/asset lifecycle

Lifecycle stage purposes Roles for the associated PUMP
Tactics shaping Detailed design and planning for execution, delivery, operation and termination purposes Help to shift the perspective to implementationConsolidate the strategic plans for implementation purposesDevelop detailed designs and plansDevelop resource allocation and contracting criteriaEstimate the resources required at a more detailed levelAssess the contracting strategy at a more detailed levelEvaluate alternative procurement strategiesDefine contractual terms and conditionsDetermine appropriate risk sharing arrangementsAssess the implications of contract conditionsAssess and compare competitive tendersDetermine the appropriate target costs and bid prices for contractsEvaluate detailed designs and plans
Tactics gateways ConsolidationGovernance Consolidate the base and contingency ...

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