Chapter 2. Get to Know the Customer You're Not Getting but Should Be


In Dallas, we have an art house film theater called the Angelika. They show a diverse mix of independent films and cater to a sophisticated group of film lovers and filmmakers. Now, think about being in the movie house business for a moment: what would be the deadest time of the week for your business? The answer? Mornings. Most movie theaters offer special matinee pricing to lure people to the movies in the afternoon. But no one goes to the movies in the morning. Yet, the movie house has everything it needs to have a show: it has the popcorn, the candy and drinks, and the movie itself. The only thing missing is customers.

The Angelika did something about that a few years ago, and it was absolutely brilliant, in my opinion. They were already offering special prices to seniors and students, but realized that there had to be people who just didn't go to the movies, regardless of price. In other words, beyond lowering the price of admission, were there people who wanted to go to the movies, but simply couldn't?

Yes. New moms. Let's face it: just because you're a new mom doesn't mean you no longer like movies, right? The woman who was a film lover before she became a mom is still a film lover; it's just that now, she has more responsibility as a new mother and, probably, a whole lot less freedom. The Angelika realized that a new mom has a terribly difficult time getting ...

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