APPENDIX Calibration Tests (and Their Answers)

Answers to Calibration Questions in Chapter 5:

# Question Answer
1 In 1938 a British steam locomotive set a new speed record by going how fast (mph)? 126
2 In what year did Sir Isaac Newton publish the universal laws of gravitation? 1685
3 How many inches long is a typical business card? 3.5
4 The Internet (then called “Arpanet”) was established as a military communications system in what year? 1969
5 In what year was William Shakespeare born? 1564
6 What is the air distance between New York and Los Angeles in miles? 2,451
7 What percentage of a square could be covered by a circle of the same width? 78.5%
8 How old was Charlie Chaplin when he died? 88
9 How many pounds did the first edition of this book weigh? 1.23
10 The TV show Gilligan’s Island first aired on what date? September 26, 1964
Statement Answer
1 The ancient Romans were conquered by the ancient Greeks. FALSE
2 There is no species of three-humped camels. TRUE
3 A gallon of oil weighs less than a gallon of water. TRUE
4 Mars is always farther away from Earth than Venus. FALSE
5 The Boston Red Sox won the first World Series. TRUE
6 Napoleon was born on the island of Corsica. TRUE
7 “M” is one of the three most commonly used letters. FALSE
8 In 2002 the price of the average new desktop computer purchased was under $1,500. TRUE
9 Lyndon B. Johnson was a governor before becoming vice president. FALSE
10 A kilogram is more than ...

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