Creating a Study Plan

I know you are eager to start studying for the exam, but there is something you must do before that. That’s right—a good, workable study plan.

But I Can’t Afford to Plan. I Am So Busy!

Your work and family commitments will never let you set aside a fixed time to study, which makes planning anything irrelevant, and I totally understand that. But this is precisely why you need a plan to make sure you do not fall behind; and in case you do, you can catch up to complete the review before it is too late.

The Plan Keeps You Organized

As an accountant, you understand how important audit planning is for the whole audit exercise. You should therefore create an equally rigorous plan for your own CPA project.

The Plan Identifies Extra Time for Study

As you draft your plan, you will be able to identify 15 minutes here and a half hour there that you can effectively use for studying every day. This could be the idle time on the commute, or the lunch hour when you chitchat with your colleagues.

I am not saying that you should squeeze out every minute for studying and drive yourself crazy, but you can certainly review practice questions during lunch from Monday to Thursday and hang out with your colleagues on Friday. The exam preparation requires some sacrifices and a study plan will help you minimize these sacrifices by effectively utilizing the time you have.

The Plan Builds Up Confidence

It feels great when you can visualize your progress—as you cross out the ...

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