CHAPTER 1Persuasive presenting at a glance

Every important presentation should be planned. The good news is that the more practised and accomplished you are at crafting your message, the more efficient and effective you will become.

Exceptional presenting has only three phases:

  1. Analysis — where you work out what you'd like to achieve and, importantly, what your audience needs from you. This is where you ascertain the current state of your audience as well as your own desired state for them.
  2. Design — where you put your presentation together, making sure that you shift your audience from their current state to your desired state.
  3. Delivery — where you communicate the message to your audience so that they are compelled to take action.

This three-phase approach is results oriented. Ultimately, it will help inspire you to:

  1. step up and really be heard by the people around you
  2. structure your message so it's clear and compelling
  3. deliver your message with excellence (no matter how dull you think your subject is!), so that your audience responds positively.

I have watched and then given feedback to many thousands of people over the last few decades. I've helped thousands of people write winning scripts and I'm so passionate about this subject that I've immersed myself in the work of other theorists and subject matter experts. I want to enable anyone with a desire to learn how to present to quickly grasp both the fundamental and advanced skills required to become a brilliant presenter. ...

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