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How to Sell Online

Book Description

Christer Holloman, the bestselling author and The Guardian technology expert, has lined up the leaders behind some of the most successful online retailers, and those that advise them, to reveal their best kept secrets on how to grow your online retail business.
• Discover how to grow your online business for short, medium and long term growth
• Find out how to acquire, retain and understand your customers
• Use cost-effective sales, marketing and social media to build revenue and profile
• Understand how to shape the customer journey and convert browsers into buyers
• Ensure technology works for you by using the right platforms and software
Visit www.sell-online.co for free extra material such as top tips, downloadable case studies, and video interviews with the leaders featured in the book and more.
Make sure your online presence is searchable, usable, buyable and profitable with How to Sell Online.