An illustration shows a pond with a caution sign. It also shows question mark signs in the pond as well as on the caution sign.

Caution ...The complication of complexity

Ever seen a three-year-old engaged by a book on physics (bludgeoning ants with it doesn’t count)? Ever observed a frontline worker highly engaged by a policy manual during their lunch break? Ever witnessed a room full of people engaged out of their brains by a 500-slide technical PowerPoint presentation?

Yep, we don’t stand a chance at engaging or influencing anyone with complex communication. We’d be flat out just getting their attention.

And here’s our challenge. Absolutely anyone can make exciting subject matter thrilling, but the real kicks come from turning the most mind-numbing and complicated content into simple and captivating fare.

Fortunately, there’s nothing that can’t be made interesting and nothing that can’t be made simple; it just comes down to a shift in perspective.

Complexity isn’t the enemy

Picture a Swiss Army knife resplendent with multipurpose, and we challenge you not to think of the word ‘prepared’. From the brutality of its form to the savagery of its function, you could go into the wilderness right now, it suggests, with no more than this small piece of plastic and steel, and survive. It’s a tool that proudly proclaims preparation for whatever life hurls at you ... Unless you tote the Butler’s model, which prepares you for very little beyond an impromptu picnic in the park.

Yes, for many of us preparation ...

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