How to Use OneNote(r) to Manage Your Information

Video description

How to Use OneNote® to Manage Your Information is an easy-to-understand yet comprehensive video course that introduces viewers to OneNote, and then explains exactly how to use this popular application to create, collect, organize, manage, share, and archive information using their computer and/or mobile device. Different methods for efficiently creating and managing various types of content are also covered within this video course.



This course includes a strong emphasis on demonstrating how to use OneNote in order to create and import content in a variety of different ways, and on how to organize that content so it’s readily accessible anytime and anywhere, from any computer or mobile device that’s linked to the same OneDrive account. From this course, OneNote users also discover how to use the software and mobile app’s collaboration tools.

This course uses narrated screencasts, animated slides, and other types of visual content in order to provide easy-to-follow, compressive, informative, and entertaining lessons that allow the viewer to become fully-proficient using OneNote.


Skill Level

  • Beginner to Intermediate

What You Will Learn

  • How to use OneNote on all hardware platforms, including mobile devices
  • How to use the tools needed to create, compose, and edit each type of content
  • How to create, manage, and work with virtual Notebooks within all versions of OneNote
  • How to import paper-based content directly into OneNote using any scanner or the optional Office Lens app on your smartphone or tablet
  • How to use OneNote's Audio Recording tool and other sources to add audio to Pages
  • How to quickly find, organize, and manage content that you have stored within OneNote by incorporating Tags or using OneNote's Search tool
  • How to use OneNote's Print tool, as well as how to share OneNote Page content via email
  • How to use OneNote's Collaboration tools

Who Should Take this Course

  • Anyone who wants to start using OneNote to manage and organize their content. Current OneNote users who are interested in learning how to utilize more advanced features or to find more ways OneNote can help them stay organized will also benefit from this course.

Course Requirements

  • None, however access to OneNote 2016 or Office 365 would be helpful.

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Table of contents

  1. Part 1: Getting Started with OneNote
    1. Lesson 1.1 Introduction to Microsoft OneNote and What It Can Do
    2. Lesson 1.2 What's New in the Latest Versions of OneNote
    3. Lesson 1.3 Download and Install OneNote on a PC or Mac
    4. Lesson 1.4 Download and Install OneNote onto a Mobile Device
    5. Lesson 1.5 Overview of OneNote on a PC and Mac
    6. Lesson 1.6 Overview of OneNote on the iPhone and iPad
    7. Lesson 1.7 Overview of OneNote on Android and Windows Mobile Devices
    8. Lesson 1.8 Create Your Free Microsoft Account to Use with OneNote and OneDrive
    9. Lesson 1.9 How to Retrieve Your Microsoft Account Username and Password
  2. Part 2: Gathering Information and Content with OneNote
    1. Lesson 2.1 Discover How Content Is Organized Using Notebooks, Notebook Sections and Pages
    2. Lesson 2.2 Set Up and Organize Virtual Notebooks
    3. Lesson 2.3 Create Sections within OneNote Notebook
    4. Lesson 2.4 Create, Edit and Format Typed Notes within OneNote on a PC and Mac
    5. Lesson 2.5 Create, Edit and Format Typed Notes Within OneNote Using a Smartphone or Tablet
    6. Lesson 2.6 How to Attach or Embed Content into OneNote Pages
    7. Lesson 2.7 Create and Manage Interactive Checklists
    8. Lesson 2.8 Create Tables within OneNote Pages
    9. Lesson 2.9 Create OneNote Page Content via Email
    10. Lesson 2.10 Import Content into OneNote Using OneNote Clipper
    11. Lesson 2.11 Import Content into OneNote with a Scanner or the Office Lens Mobile App
    12. Lesson 2.12 Import Digital Photos into OneNote
    13. Lesson 2.13 Create and Manage Handwritten Content within OneNote
    14. Lesson 2.14 Dictating Notes and Recording Audio Content with OneNote
    15. Lesson 2.15 Dictate and Compose Notes Using Apple Watch
    16. Lesson 2.16 Use a Smartpen or Smart Notebook with OneNote
    17. Lesson 2.17 Work with the Equation Feature of OneNote
  3. Part 3: Organizing OneNote Content
    1. Lesson 3.1 How to Effectively Use Tags within OneNote Pages
    2. Lesson 3.2 Find Your Content Quickly within OneNote Using the Search Feature
    3. Lesson 3.3 How to Delete Content, Plus Restore Accidently Deleted Content, From within OneNote
    4. Lesson 3.4 Password Protect and Secure Your OneNote Content
  4. Part 4: Discovering Specific OneNote Versions
    1. Lesson 4.1 Overview of the Windows PC Versions of OneNote
    2. Lesson 4.2 OneNote Mobile App Productivity Tips
    3. Lesson 4.3 Overview of OneNote Online
  5. Part 5: Printing and Sharing OneNote Content
    1. Lesson 5.1 Printing OneNote Content and Creating PDF Files
    2. Lesson 5.2 Sharing OneNote Content via Email
    3. Lesson 5.3 Using OneNote's Collaboration Tools
  6. Part 6: Using OneNote in the Real World
    1. Lesson 6.1 Additional OneNote Productivity Tips
    2. Lesson 6.2 Wrapping Up Your OneNote Education

Product information

  • Title: How to Use OneNote(r) to Manage Your Information
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: October 2015
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0134428749