A2, A4, A5, etc.

System of standardizing paper sizes that is commonly used in most countries apart from Canada and the United States. It begins with A0, which measures 841 × 1189 mm; for each subsequent size the longer measurement is halved so A1 measures 594 × 841 mm. This continues to A10 which measures 26 × 37 mm. The US system is more complicated with paper measured in inches and the standard letter size, equivalent to A4, is 81⁄2 × 11 in (216 × 279 mm). They have many other sizes in common use including Legal (216 × 356 mm), Executive (190 × 254 mm), and Ledger/Tabloid (279 × 432 mm).


Picture, often formed from clay, in which elements are carved or sculpted on a background which is less than half of its full depth, i.e. ...

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